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Bagpuss (Freebie).

From the front this looks like a really quality bag, excellent texture and trendy.


But check out the behind picture.


Look at that face OMG so cheeky! It’s like your kitty kat has snuck into your bag and is going to work with you, honestly it’s adorable.  It’s also Free LOL you can grab this from Bipolar Kitty.  You will have to join the Free Group and it’s just inside on the table next to the wall.

Now I’m here LM grabbing I can see that a lot of items here come with big colour huds so you’re not just buying a single colour you get a whole choice for the same price, a lot of items are for Mesh Bodies and come with various Appliers which of course you must always check to make sure it’s for one you own.

Bipolar Kitty