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A Bit of This n That(inc Freebies).

I popped into 2 events one of which I was so early only half the Gachas had been set up but of course that didn’t stop me from checking it out and grabbing some freebies.  The second event is where I was tempted into paying FULL priced for an item of clothing and you lot know that in SL I’m one mean cheap Biatch so to make me part with my Lindens must mean I think it was worth it.  So a mixed bag of stuff post.

Yup you do feel as cheeky as these shorts look, that unbuckled and unzipped belt is so sexy but this pair comes with built-in knickers  so not that rude lol.  You buy the shorts in individual colours but I do believe that there is a fat pack option.  You do however get a Hud to change the colour of your undies if you wish and the pair I have set it to is a grey stripe.  I have a feeling that the Creators Collection Box Event is going to be fully packed today so I’m going to try to get over to give you the exact price but if I can’t get back in I’m pretty sure they cost me 149Lds.


The top I’m wearing is a Freebie from the “On Fleek” Gacha Event.  This is the one that I was at so early some of the people involved in this event were still setting up and that included the stand with the freebies on but luckily Ever Wonder had her’s out early and I thought it was perfect for these short.  A simple mesh top with a tie to the side, a lovely fit and of course free but if you’ve got some spare Lindens check out the Wildflower Low Tops which are the shoes she has in her Gacha.


Excellent fit and NON SLINK! even better is that there is a massive pallet of colours you can win from but there wasn’t a single colour I wouldn’t have been pleased with. This is the Chocolate pair and as you can see they have that wonderful raised flower stitching on top of them which is why they’re called Wildflower Low Tops lol.


Just love them, in all my SL years I only have 1 pair similar to these shoes and they cost me a bomb! but these ones are only 50Lds a try and they’re so much better than my old ones, but then again they are about 6 years old lol.  There is a table with more Freebies at On Fleek but again when I was there was only a couple of items out but I think it’s completely up and running and there should be more to get.

Now back to the Creators Collection Box for my last Freebie.  For some reason there seemed to be less gifts set out this round but I may have simply missed them, I did find some decor items and a couple of Gachas which made me spend some Lindens but even so finding these were the icing on the cake.


The plant/decor item is called Turishinobu and if you google image about a dozen in is this exact plant design.  Such a simple and yet beautiful way of showing off one of my fav plants.  I even have some ferns in my garden. Although this is a Freebie from [[RH]]Designs you will have to join the Free Creators Collection Box group to grab it.


You do actually get 2 of them a green and blue one which I think is the colour of the stone.  There are actually 2 of these to be picked up a blue one and green which I’m going to assume is the colour of the stone that hangs underneath.  All of that detail only comes to just a single prim!

I’m going to put the Link to Ouka Ugajin mainshop [[RH]]Design because not only is it on a small and cute shopping sim but there is some interesting furniture, decor items and builds but also some really good quality Group Gifts.

On Fleek (for the Free top and shoes)

Creators Collection Box (for the sexy shorts and lovely Free Fern Plants)

[[RH]]Designs Mainstore

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