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Sun Glow(Freebies).

Almost missed mentioning the Freebie bike you can grab if you join the Wayward Group.  It’s a prop only but has a great few poses in it and at only 6 prims so low you can “prop” it outside of your home as an item of decor.


I’m using one of the bike poses in this picture to show off a lovely summery free top/skirt combo.  The top and skirt come as separates which is always handy.  Actually if you don’t want to show off your tummy you also get a system layer t-shirt which can be worn underneath.  You will have to join the Free Nerdy Girl Group to grab this gift.   I’m in the shop now grabbing the LM and I’ve noticed she’s also doing the “Vintage” hunt, what you’re looking for is a little umbrella and an easy hint is given.  So I’ve grabbed that for a Dollar and I’ll be unpacking it soon.

I TPed from my Fav sim and then realised that this next Freebie is just as equally beach wear as the top outfit.

bike2Again a neat little romper, comes with straps and a little bow at the waist.  A simple and wearable freebie but for this one you will have to log into the marketplace.

If you’re unsure about what the SLmarketplace is it’s simply a way of shopping from SL items whilst you’re out of world in a safe way.  You have to log in with your SL name and password and anything you purchase is sent to you inworld and next time you log in you will find all your goodies in your “received folder”.  Ooodles of Freebies/Dollarbies and Promos.  Goes without saying that sometimes it’s pot luck as to how good or bad the item turns out to be but most of the items which do cost you Lindens do come with a Demo version so you can try before you buy.

I’ll put the Link to the Wayward Site for all the info on the hunt/prizes/piccies/LMs/hints and you can follow that to join the group for your free bike.

 Nerdy Girl

 SMC Romper, Marketplace

Wayward Hunt