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Randomness (Freebie)

Can I just have a moan?  We “mad” cat ladies(and men)” don’t start off being mad they simply drive us MAD!  I have every blind pulled up in my home, both upstairs and downstairs in a 3 bed house so LOADS of window apart from the 1 small window which I have to pull the blind down because as I’m on the comp the sun shines right onto my face and of course THAT’S the window my cat desperately needs to look out of.  No matter what I throw at the little booger he still returns to rake and yowl at the blind, yes my cat is a Asshole!

Moaning over here’s a quick fun freebie.


I was going to park myself on Faiths beautifully manicured lawns and take a piccie but I decided to rezz it on my platform and have a little drive around.  I’m not a very good driver and just kept on getting myself stuck in the dome!  There is a menu with this so you can change the settings, lights on/off, gears, engine etc but sadly not a tab for a very bad driver.


I can’t remember what tab this one was but I think if I had actually been moving the billowing cloud would have been behind me.

Just a fun freebie from Knights Performance.

Knights Performance