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I’m so excited(Freebies n Bargains)

Why is it every time I decide to log off and go out into the fresh air and sun shine the sun disappears behind a cloud and the wind picks up?

minaysFaith has gone a bit crazy at the Tag Gacha event with means ooodles of goodies for me inc one of the lovely zippy little Mopetta from Culprit and damn it even the name is cute LOL.

I had only just asked Faith what the Wayward Hunt was and then I got sent this hair from Mina’s as omg as far as I can recall this is the first hunt Mina Nakamura has been involved in (of course I could be mistaken), obviously she is often at special events and discounted events but again this is the first free hunt hair I know of and it’s called Daisy.  You get a pastel colour pack and of course as you can clearly see I’m wearing the green and below the blue but there are also other colour choices.  I’m wearing the natural size but of course Mina’s hair now comes with boobie sizing ie big boobs, bigger boobs and what the Hell is wrong with you size boobs.  Actually I’ve not tried different boob sizes with this hair because the “natural” fits me just fine.


Look at lovely random pear and flower under bust belt, a real nice touch.


I think all the items behind me are more Gacha wins that Faith has picked up from the Tag Cahca event but the dress is def mine.

A lovely vibrant and yet pastelly(sic) blue dress.

These shoes aren’t free like the dress but anything called Toasted Coconut will always get me spending money but at 50Lds for 3 different shades is not pricy at all.


OK Word of CAUTION esp if you’re after that great set of shoes don’t buy these from the More Than Ever main shop as they’re full priced there, 200Lds at full price so you will need to get yourself over to The Flawless Spring Cart Sale for these at a 50Ld bargain price and to find the Free blue dress I’m wearing.

Ha ha what an “ijit”I am because the Flawless Spring Cart Sale is literally just outside of the More Than Ever Mainshop’s door LOL.  So go to the Shop LM first because what I’ve not shown you is that Ever More(owner of More Than Ever)  has a new Free Group/Sub board gift as well as a new MM board win so well worth popping in for those and then walk outside to her stall to grab the Free dress and the bargain priced shoe pack.

There are a lot of carts involved in this sale and each cart has a special offer item priced at just 50Lds and lots of the carts have the big fat red flower which contains a freebie for you to grab either on the cart or pretty close by.

The Flawless Spring Cart Sale

More Than Ever Mainshop

The Wayward Hunt Blog for piccies and tips


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