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Sorry, I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t do at least 1 post a day but I have guests over for the weekend so I’m a bit limited on my SLing time, as you can see by the fact that I’m still wearing everything from my last post bar the outfit. I found that on the Marketplace.


This is M&M’s January Giftie to us.  Since I’m buying it off the Marketplace and not inworld I wouldn’t be surprised if this Dollarbie isn’t in fact an inworld Freebie.  Since the M&M is a massive shop and there is usually a lot of Group Gifts out it certainly is worth an inworld visit.

OK that’s it for now LOL.  I am hoping not only to get some more SL time later today I’m hoping the hunt I have ear marked to do will turn up some real lovelys.  Until then I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and remember if you’re on your one make sure to treat yourself.

M&M Marketplace

M&M Inworld

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