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She Bangs.

I honestly I only own so many hairs I could wear a new hair everyday for 6 Months(if you inc shades then a year)  and I also love so many other hair makers such as D!va, Dura, Argrace and on and on and I even wear them inworld and in my pictures but yet again I’m completely won over by a New Mina hair.  This one is called is Aranka, as you can see she has adorable “Bangs” or as we call them in the UK a fringe.


There is now an extra sizing to this hair, you have the normal choices for normal boobs to Gazunga’s and now a new “Slim” size which is perfect for those who prefer a much more natural boob size or even down to a boyish sizing but with all the femininity you can want.

At the moment this hair is at the Fameshed event which opens today so don’t bother going, yet that is LOL.  It’s going to be PACKED so give it a little while or check on your map as to how busy it is because this is a really good event and it’s usually packed with new and fresh designs.

she bangs 3

I had to do a quick change of hair, yes it’s a Mina’s LOL called Lena,  I wanted to show you the top half of this dress.  The lovely low cups and strappiness is cute and it’s not only 50Lds but you get a colour changing Hud, with this Hud you get 4 dress colour options and belt colour options.  You will find this in the shopping trolley outside of the G&D The Italian Style shop which is on the Cosmopolitan Shopping Sim.  If you have a wander around you will see quite a lot of the shops have a shopping trolley outside and inside is a much discounted item.  I didn’t get a chance to pop into the main Cosmopolitan shop as yet but there is usually a Group gift set out.  The discounts are only available for a week because they change every Tuesday and if you want to keep up with whats on offer slap the Cosmopolitan Sub board and each week you will get sent such a handy notice which inc pictures so you can even see whats on offer before you TP over.

she bangs 2

I’m just pulling a cheeky pose because…I can LOL.


Cosmopolitan Shopping Sim