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D Day. (Dollarbie).

OMG OMG It’s “D” day and the D stands for DENTIST!!!!  My OH isn’t allowed to tell me when my appointment was so he sprung it up on me this morning and I’m pretty sure even my neighbours heard my groan of dismay.  On the plus side it’s a step nearer to keeping my lovely smile, it’s the nicest thing about me, and the soup diet I will be on for at least a week will go some way to helping me start to shift some of my Winter blubber.  The downside this is just half the treatment and I sill have another appointment sometime in the future.

I resisted having a breakfast of garlic and onion and came inworld instead to do some Freebie hunting.


The Flip Flops are the freebies, the lollies are an old Gacha win and they’re what I’m going to be needing later I think.

There are 3 other Dollarbies to be had, 2 sweet Flats and a chunky pair you still have to join the group and I believe you still have to pay a single Linden for each.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Group Gifts then when you enter the shop turn right and they’re on a wall there but for the flip flops you have to go to the room on your right and they’re with all the other shades of flip flops but only the green pair are Dollarbies.  Almost forgot these are all for SLink Flat Feet.

PS. OH has just texted me he’s stocking up on Ben n Jerries for me, well he does have to live with me after all.


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Easy like a Sunday morning (freeness).

My SL time has been a bit limited today but lucky for me I found this almost as soon as I logged in.


A sexy retro look,  scooped neckline, bows on the shoulder straps and that cinched in waist and flared skirt simply screams old world glamour!  The picture, and I have edited it somewhat, doesn’t show you that although the main body of the dress is a very dark black it has a light lacy texturing to it to give it some depth.  The main dress is of course mesh but that netted over panel is made of prims. You could of course wear the dress without the overskirt but this time it works really well to give an extra bit of Oomph to the look.


There are actually 4 Group Gifts in total for you to grab and this is another of them and again WOW check out the prim skirt pieces, they blend in so well you would actually think the whole outfit was mesh and not a mesh and prim combo.


Check out what it looks like even without the prim skirt parts, that low scooped neck is daringly sexy.  I honestly think it actually looks better with the added skirt bits and it’s not often I say that.

As I’ve said there are a total of 4 Free to join group Gifts to be picked up, a mesh dress with a very flamboyant feathered prims skirt and that raggy hemmed dress that we see a lot of but again the texturing makes it work so well but you can check these out for yourself when you pop over to Azul.


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Spring Festival (Hunt & Cart sale)

Gardening trolley hunt gift (has poses) Chickens 1 prim 60L each !

Ahhhh Spring has sprung and little treats abound for you at The Cookie Jar. I didn’t really have too much time to do the hunt, BUT I knew if I were lucky enough to find the one from Finishing Touches Id be a happy girly. Thankfully I did (phew pressure pressure) and the gorgeous little trolley above was my reward. It’s so sweet and sits happily in my SL garden right now. Not only good lookin but it has poses too – for fiddling about gardening and one relaxing, nice touch ! Uhm well…onto the chickens – so I was wandering about looking for Finishing Touches (my internal navigation is always SO bad) and I stumble bumbled across Zinnias store. Saw these darlin chickens and HAD to have them ! Only 60L a pop (choice of colours) and just 1 prim, whats not to love huh?. Participating stores have a hunt prize for you to find plus a cart outside with some brilliant bargains all under 100L – if you’ve got some time it’s really worth the trip.

The Cookie Jar Spring Festival & hunt

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Spring Collection


I have some news from Luxe Paris , yes yes YES a new collection is out, with zesty springtime colours – a veritable feast for your eyeballs ! This is the Marguerite Dress, spotty fabric with an overlayer of a hand drawn design. It’s so unusual and really catches your attention.

LUXE Paris_007

Little closer view , uh-oh, looks like I’m about to get lost in the biggest ice-cream everrrrrr ! I especially like the fabric textures on this, cotton to jersey, really good details.

LUXE Paris Summery Chic Couture Set

Something a little more dressy and right on trend is the  “Summer couture outfit”. I just adore the linen look to the jacket fabric, its BIG in the shops in real life right now too. Underneath is another hand drawn crazzzzzzy design in bold beautiful colours.

Luxe Paris NEW!! Beach Target bikini set

Last up (but there is heapssss more instore to drool over) is the beach target bikini top and skirt – gawd I love this ! It just fits so perfectly, the fabric stretching over your hip bones in all the right places. The colours are mouth-watering and get my juices going for more SUN ! Lovely fit on the halter straps too – usually a bit of a bugbear for me in most items, but this sits really well on my size & shape. Thanks Luxe Paris team ❤

Luxe Paris Fashion House


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Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative Shabby Chic_002

Shiny Shabby has flung open its doors and boy-oh-boy there is SO much to see ! Scarlet Creative has obviously had the old creative juices flowing and this darling bed is up for grabs at just 99L for a single or the fat pack of floral designs only 249L . It’s so quaint and vintage, one bed leg is replaced with a helter skelter pole of empty pots, another an old wooden box. Theres rumpled sheets and a gorgeous tree bough hanging over it. There are ten single poses and three for couples.

D!VA Nene hair NEW alaskametro Body suit for SLink Physique 25L  YS & YS 21Shoe

Naturally I snapped up the new hair by D!VA called Nene, it’s a frothy concoction with an optional headband and flowers side and top. Sooper girly and sweet. Big shout out to YS & YS , I blogged these shoes yesterday but I’m gonna do them again – its 21 Shoe today for twenty-four hours only ! Called Monaco – you get two colours for the price of one ! The other colour is a very classy suede ivory btw. Also my bodysuit , its by alaskametro – at 25L it’s ever so affordabubble, you get traditional layers but I’m wearing via the HUD for my Slink Physique body which is also included. (Omega and TMP appliers are in the box too)

alaskametro body suit

Shiny Shabby


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You know you still would! (Freebie).


First the Freebie, a simple sweet Spring/Summery dress from Aida’s shop Aushka’s & Co. You get a whole colour options, mint, blue, pink, pink with mint, blue with mint, all pink, all black and on and on and of course all of the mesh sizes.

Now that I’m here grabbing the LM I knew it! I knew I had grabbed free goodies from here before and in fact this new Group Gift and all the old ones are still here.  Some other Spring/Summery dresses, a cute bikini, sports top and shorts and more just waiting to be grabbed.  And on the other side of the Sub/Group joiner is some Dollarbie tops and a 10Ld dress.

Now for the icing on the cake because if you walk through to the other main hall and there is a MASSIVE sale on! Everything seems to be set at 75Lds and this isn’t out of season items, loads of Summery dresses, shorts, spring jumpers, pastel colour jeans, tops and upstairs a small selection of SLink shoes and everything seems to be priced at just 75Lds and then even more because you get the FATPACK of colours!


This is how I feel when Spring starts and so does the need to start some much-needed personal grooming.  Actually I have to confess that I rather do love my lotions and potions so I don’t really need much excuse to commandeer the bathroom for lengthy periods of time as I primp and preen myself.

The caterpillar on my lip is actually from MINA! as far as I know and I don’t really check out mens hair shops that much so I could be absolutely wrong but I have never seen mesh facial hair so this to me is new and fresh.  OK I’ve taken more of a fun shot but honestly people need to try this out for themselves, the picture that comes with it shows how it looks on a much more manly AV than mine and he looks sexy I just look funny LOL.


OMG goodness see how even a “mans” hair can look incredible on a woman AV.  Andre is the Mina hair at the Mens Only Month Event and I just had to try it on and how sexy is this look. This hair and the mustache are only available at the Mens only Month Event stop you from going as often these events have something of everything inc decor items and usually lots of new designs.


Keshie (arkesh.baral) of Mayfly eyes sent me a notice about her new updated user Hud.  Mayfly eyes are the only mesh eyes I’ve actually used and loved.  Again I’m not saying that there isn’t equally as good or even dare I say better BUT I personally think that not only are these mesh eyes are stunning but come with such an EASY to use Hud and so many options packed into a Hud that for the 99Ld price tag they were worth every Linden. Whilst I was grabbing the LM I also grabbed the 60Lds offer of those very bright blue eyes, as well as a pair of Group gifts I’d forgotten to grab.  She has some beautiful dramatic colouring, cats eyes, Neko eyes and of course the much more  normal but stunning eyes.

She’s now updated the Hud so it’s even more user-friendly but never fear if like me you have ooodles of the old Huds right next door to her main shop, I’m hoping the Mayfly Updates LM will take you there, she has set up a room and simple instructions on how to get the updated versions.


AUSHKA’S & CO Sales Dept

Mina@Mens only Month

Mina Mainshop

Mayfly Eyes

Mayfly Updates


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21 Shoe – its almost time !

21Shoe 0 YS & YS

One more day to go before we can dash around the grid snapping up all the bargains from 21 Shoe ! Today I’m showing the offering from YS & YS “Monaco”. Of course because it’s the 21 Shoe event you get two pairs for the price of one – only on the 21st March and only for 24 hours. Monaco are a gorgeous pair of stiletto heels, towering thin heels with lotsa strappy action going down. You get Fuxia (pink) and Ivory (below) These shoes are suitable for SLink high feet, Belleza and also Maitreya.

21Shoe 0 YS & YS NEW

I was just having a bit of fun with my stripper pole poses (as you do) , these shoes are super classy and would suit SO many styles of dress. My favourite is the sweet beige ivory, very versatile.


21 Shoe blog