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Side tracked (freebie).

I was wandering around the HPMD sim trying to find some new greenery for my home when a note came through from Kaithleen about a new Group Gift and as soon as I saw it I TPed over snagged it and then TPed straight back to HPMD, threw on the clothes, threw on a pose and then with 1 click I was done LOL.


Cool minty green with lacy overtones and that gorgeous frill at the hem and bust line. This dress is called Baroque and with that exaggerated skirt it certainly has that feel to it.

Before I return to the HPMD sim I’ll show you another Freebie.


These two pictures are like Night and Day.  This is a classic slip design with a lovely like silver texturing and of course it’s mesh.  Comes from a shop I recently blogged called “More Than Ever”and although this is a new shop it’s nice to see that Ever Wonder (great name) isn’t being stingy on the freebies and check out one of the walls as  because there are 2 hunts coming up that she’s going to be joining.


More Than Never

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Petals & showers

coldLogic NEW!!!!
It really can not decide here in England whether its Spring or winter – we get showers, hail storms, then sun ! I had no trouble finding a Spring time place to take some piccies in SL though. Here is a new release from coldLogic called “healy”, a strapless little number in what looks to me like a mid weight linen type of fabric. The material has folds and pleats around the bust and waist making it ever so realistic on your body. It also comes with a thick stitched leather belt – it looks lovely with or without it btw. I chose to show it in the “sunset” tone – which has some sweet colour mingling going on – check out the other colours instore too. My hair is by Truth – haven’t bought any Truth Hawks hair for a while but this caught my attention @ Uber. Named Armelle, it’s a hat and hair combo deal – you get the hair and you get the hat avec chapeaux!

coldLogic NEW!!!

I also got all loved up on “lukonen” another new release from coldLogic. Again such gorgeous detailing  with the folds of fabric, makes the dress hang just perfectly and stretch much more effortlessly as you move. The bust area also has a wrapped effect , the main dress area is decorated with a wash of flowers – beautiful ! A few more colours in this plus a plain collection for those not enamoured of floral things (who isn’t?!) My hair is also new, by Olive, I’ve bought quite a few of Olive’s hairs lately, well worth checking them out. This is called “Steffi”, I so so adore the style, it’s also @ Uber in various colour packs. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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I win again.


If you look in the background on the left hand side you will see the shop where I bought this cute little pinafore/top mesh dress.  Although the shop has clothes you can buy off the rack it has more Gachas and all of them seemed to be priced at just 69Lds.  Although I would have been happy with any of the colours I’m definitely happier with this grey/black combo called Soft Flare.

Make sure to try a Demo first as you take your chances on the colour you win but you must choose the right size for you as it’s the size you pay to win your outfit, you know what I mean LOL.

This is a lovely shopping sim and although it’s not fully occupied as yet it’s a lovely place to treat yourself to a new outfit or just admire a quality build.

PS the hair is of course and the skin is PumeC and this is the first time I’ve actually used the Freckles that came with this skin.  I love it how you can so easily turn a classy elegant skin into a cute one with an addition of just some freckles.


Dami Flickr

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Odd Stuff.(Some Freebies).

I popped over to Dutchie and once I’d snagged all the Freebies and had a wander around I decided to just rezz them and take a quick pic.  A pile of home clutter.  Books, newspaper, coffee (also inc a wearable cup)money and emm condoms! LOL.  There is also a bin bag (trash bag) but I’ve already set that outside my back door. Just plain old household junk and all free.


What else is free is a Camera Angle Control Hud which wowed me.  As soon as you put it on your SL camera angle moves into a much more natural position and when you walk through SL you get to see your surroundings in such a new and fresh way it was amazing! and then it broke!  When I next rezzed inworld I kept on getting script error messages no matter which sim I was on and there was no way I could go back to that daft seagull height to the camera angle so I went hunting for either a Free one or at least a reasonably priced one and I found this on the Marketplace.


OK I know you can’t actually see much but that’s me walking through SL with the camera at such a much more natural height and you can get even closer.  It really does make such an amazing difference I don’t think I could go back to not wearing it.  Everything looks so much better and in my small home it’s much more maneuverable.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

As for the techie side of it honestly it seems to be idiot (Zan) proof.  You wear it and on the top left hand of your screen you get a small camera icon and you simply click on it and a window opens with some very simple preset angle choices or you can edit it.  I’m not going to try to explain it because you can get a Demo version of it but DON’T PANIC if it doesn’t work LOL it’s simply set to only work on the Ni sim which is where the shop is based.  Once I’d had a good try of the demo I bought it for only 120Lds and TPed home and it WORKS a treat.

I’ve given you the link to the Marketplace for the demo and also the sim link so you can try it out for yourself.


“BF Real Camera Enhancer v1.0 Marketplace

SF Shop Sim


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None too Shabby (Freebie@New Mina Hair).

Finally I get to get to the Shiny Shabby event and even better I found the Freebies this time.

OK firstly the non Freebie but even better a new hair from Mina.  Because this is a paid for item I’ve taken the picture in my Nams setting with no photo editing.  Obviously there are Demos out there for you to try for yourself, and I always recommend that you do.  Very Hippy Chick Chic, called Jacky which again I believe was a popular name in the 60-70ties.  The hair as standard comes with a colour changing Hud and you have a choice of the hair band colours.  At this event it’s not at a discounted price but again at 250Lds it’s hardly over priced. I also put on the second Free top from HPMD so you can see this one is a more natural SL light.  Check out the details for that in my previous post.


But never fear the Freebies are here.


It’s the sofa only the rest are rummaged out of my invent.  Sadly the sofa at 25prims is pretty high but check out the texturing.


So realistic and if you’re into a real shabby, cottagy, Grandparent look then this is perfect.  A room filling big piece of furniture but you still don’t look like a little doll when you’re sat on it.


For those with a little less space check out the Freebie from Zerkalo, a simple wow here.  An oversized Fishing Reel type basket with great detailing and texturing.  Sorry forgot the prim count but I’m pretty sure it was about 3prims and at that count anyone can squeeze this in their home.  I picked this gift up from the Zerkalo shop@Shiny Shabby but when I went back to LM the shop I couldn’t find it but that didn’t stop me as I TPed to their mainshop which is still being set up, that NEVER stops me from snooping and not only do they have the basket set out as a Group Gift but also this great sofa/seat set.


WOW what a find.


If I’m not mistaken this was a gift from Zerkalo at the last Shiny Shabby event, and it’s the one I missed, so I’m really pleased to have found it again but I do believe the only difference is that this gift actually comes with a choice of colours. Leather, old, muted and low primmed.  So if you too can’t find the Zerkalo shop @Shiny Shabby then don’t fear pop to their mainshop, join the Free group, and snag these excellent pieces of furniture and the basket.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

Shiny Shabby (Group Gifts).

Zerkalo Mainshop



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It ain’t happening! (Freebies).

Sigh! after all of that I turn up and I’m sat there in the dentist office trying, and failing, to be brave only for them to come out and apologise because one of the pieces of equipments, I can only assume resembles the face clamp out of the Saw movie, was broken.  So I happily ran out with a big grin on my face until I realised that I now have to go through all of that again at a later date.


I’m revamping our sim which means updating the plants and trees so I popped over to one of my fav SL shops and Woo Hoo I found Freebies.  A charming old rickety mail box, some lovely details to it ie the key on the side, paintbrush etc but not only is this only 3 prims you get an even lesser prim version which is minus the key, brush, letters but still has all the charms but only 1 prim!

Right next to this Group Gift is a couple of tops.


Now it’s obvious that I have edited the picture.  When I’m showing paid for items I like to show them as true to colour as poss but when it’s a freebie I allow myself some artistic leeway but I will also give you an honest description.  The main body of this top is more a creamy white with the pastel almost childish flowers on it, the back panel of this top is a plain almost hessian texturing look to it.  It actually has a home-made look to it something a crafter or recycler would make.  You do get another colour, blue I think, but I ran out of time to try it on.

I’ll only give a quick mention of the hair as it’s a paid for item and there for I want to show you it’s true colours but of course since this is a Mina hair then you will be able to see from my many posts just like I’m a PumeC nut I’m a Mina nut and so you can see the sorts of colours that come as standard with Mina hair.  It’s only available at the Shiny Shabby event at the moment and since I literally only managed to squeeze my AV in there for a few minutes I want to do a better post about this hair and hopefully any new Freebies that maybe at this event.

If the first LM doesn’t take you right to the Group Gifts, and it probably won’t, simply follow the sign to the Mainshop but don’t walk straight ahead into the tree’s turn right and the main shop is there.

PS Smack the LM board for HPMD’s Christmas room.  Nothing is for sale but this “room” is a fantasy of swirling festive items a delight to the eye.

HPMD(Group Gifts)


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Clock Watching (Freebies).

Just trying to take my mind off this afternoon (check my previous post) so I went mooching again and scored well.


I TPed over to somewhere where I knew there was some Lucky Boards and I was going to while away some time sorting through all my notes and as soon as I landed “Z” came up and I won this.  A simple prim and proper look if you’re into RP as a downy secretary it’s perfect as it happens because it comes as a two piece I’m keeping that simple mesh black skirt because everyone needs a LBD and in this case a LBS (little black skirt).

And then on the wall next to the Lucky Boards  I saw some “SL frees & offers” Group offers.  I’ve mentioned this inworld group before as it’s a really active group of people hunting down Group Gifts, Freebies, Lucky Chair and on and on.  You will also find a lot of shops have special offers out just for SL frees & offers members and that’s what this next dress is.


OK I have a confession, not that I’ve edited the picture which I have done, but  that this isn’t the whole dress.  This is one of those dresses that comes with a voluminous amount of flexi prims to create a massive skirt that undulate around you which is not really to my taste but since I’m killing time I snagged it and another SL frees & offers special offer.  As soon as I put the base dress on I thought I had made a mistake as it’s a great Spring/Summer mesh dress but nope this is the under dress for all of those, now binned, flexi prims.  Love it and you get 2 versions this one and one that has even more exaggerated hips to it.  The flowers at my waist are mine I just think they made a lovely addition.

PS the Flatties I’m wearing are also the ones I mentioned in my previous post and at Entice there are more Group Gifts, an MM board and a Freebie for all.

PPS A BIG Thanks to Faith.  We rent/own our own sim and trust me it’s not as expensive as you think or even that hard to managed so I honestly think you should think about it because apart from the prims you get to go crazy.  Which I did, I torn down my last house which I had loved but was now slightly bored with and have spent a lovely few days rezzing  a new home, landscaping, furniture and on and on and although we try to be fair with the prims we use I know I use much more than Faith but she NEVER says anything.  I think that’s because she too enjoys seeing someone making their dream home just like she has.  I’ll be taking pictures of it soon and giving you any relevant LMs if you like what you see and would like to buy it for yourself.