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Easy like a Sunday morning (freeness).

My SL time has been a bit limited today but lucky for me I found this almost as soon as I logged in.


A sexy retro look,  scooped neckline, bows on the shoulder straps and that cinched in waist and flared skirt simply screams old world glamour!  The picture, and I have edited it somewhat, doesn’t show you that although the main body of the dress is a very dark black it has a light lacy texturing to it to give it some depth.  The main dress is of course mesh but that netted over panel is made of prims. You could of course wear the dress without the overskirt but this time it works really well to give an extra bit of Oomph to the look.


There are actually 4 Group Gifts in total for you to grab and this is another of them and again WOW check out the prim skirt pieces, they blend in so well you would actually think the whole outfit was mesh and not a mesh and prim combo.


Check out what it looks like even without the prim skirt parts, that low scooped neck is daringly sexy.  I honestly think it actually looks better with the added skirt bits and it’s not often I say that.

As I’ve said there are a total of 4 Free to join group Gifts to be picked up, a mesh dress with a very flamboyant feathered prims skirt and that raggy hemmed dress that we see a lot of but again the texturing makes it work so well but you can check these out for yourself when you pop over to Azul.


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