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As I was stood there editing and just faffing on my sim I got sent a surprise package from Ever Wonder, great name, and I popped in on but I was so busy I wasn’t going to do anything but as I continued on editing and rezzing the dress just grew and grew on me so in the end I just had to take a break and show you it.


Vanity shot as I think the whole look is very, Game of Thrones.


It’s that supernatural veiny look to the skirt, it’s like roots have grown up from the land up through the fabric of the skirt which gives it an organic look.  Then you have the “glow” the patches of texturing where it’s highlighted.


I got the fat pack and in a way I’m glad as I would not have been able to have chosen just a single colour but maybe this Copper shade would have been it.


This is the Strawberry shade which of course is actually a pretty vivid red, OH I’ve just realised what a great look for a SL Vampire/Bloodline player!  I cut off the top of the picture which was a bit of a mistake as I had put a fur and pearl collar on top of the dress and it looked even more stunning but then I lost the picture, my comp seems to be eating them up or hiding them from me at the moment.  I’ve just had a brain wave a short cape over your shoulders would also add to this dramatic look.

They came from Ever Wonder’s shop More Than Ever and of course before I even put them on a TPed over to check out her shop.  At the moment it’s just a small shop but I love that.  I was in a shop I blogged a long time ago and that shop has gone from having just the 3 outfits to a massive build stuffed with clothes and skins so out of small things big things can grow.

A demo are available, just click on the main picture and select Demo.

This is a rushed post because at the moment this is on sale for just 75Lds a dress or if you’re enamoured of all the colours then the fat pack of 7 shades can be bought for only 399Lds and trust me once they go upto full price you will have missed a bargain.

PS I was right, I popped a couple of my capes over and the right cape over really does add to the dramatic look of this outfit.

PPS Slap the Sub board next to this picture and you will be sent a Free Mesh Dress.

More Than Ever

More Than Ever Marketplace