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Hard to show FREE AO’s.

I was updating my “Noob” folder which is simply a folder of notes, hints and tips and LMs and also some freebies that I can send to help someone get the best out of their first few weeks in SL but since I’ve badly neglected it really did need updated and to my pleasant surprise all of the ANA_Mations free AO’s are sill available. I remember when a notice sent out that all of the AOs were now set as FREE and I and everyone else TPed in and grabbed, grabbed, grabbed.  Such good AOs and such a generous gift.


8 AOs in total and you’re guaranteed to find at least 1 that fits your SL AV personality or in my case I snagged the lot.

There isn’t a lot here, in fact I think the ANA_Mations brand is non existence but in the back are some adorable cuddle AVs’ for a complete change of style and also some Tent beds and a pool side tent you might want to check them out as they’re not available elsewhere.


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