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Full Bright (Freebie).

I finally found a Twisted Hunt item  and it was a win win situation because not only is it an eye-catching outfit but as soon as I put it on I knew where to go to have some fun and get an eye-catching picture as well.  Because it’s a freebie I’ve allowed myself to play with the picture but WOW this dress GLOWS even without the trickery!


You get 2 colour options and I’m wearing the Ectoplams version which is a very cool light green and Ghostly Silver which is more emm silvery LOL.  The main body of the dress is mesh with sculpted panels over it.  I’m kicking myself as it turns out there is another overlay which I missed out in this picture.

This is the Twisted Hunt item from B!asta, there was a mans giftie in the box as well but as soon as I put the dress on I forgot about it so I’m hoping it’s still there and I’ll unpack and check it out.

What you’re looking for is a small cube, not too small that you can’t see it but drat the shops involved can put out decoys and I seem to be really good at finding the decoys LOL.  Fortunately I’ve put the link to the Hunt blog and there are the LMs and handy hints.


The Twisted Hunt Blog

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