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Waving Goodbye (freebies n stuff).

As I’m working through my invent and dumping as much as I can I’m also re-checking places where I’ve either found brill freebies/groupies/cheapies or even items I think are worth spending Lindens on and Orsinired is one of these places.  Sadly since my last visit a lot of the stock that was originally there has now gone which is a real shame as one of my fav all round basic wearable jumper’s is now gone.   On the good side is this top, a sub gift and if you’re already a sub like me just pop over and subscribe and then resubscribe and the gift is sent straight to you .  There is also a group gift out and I’m going to assume it’s a free to join group but I didn’t have time to slap it and check it.


I’m off for my weekend away tomorrow so I packed up my little rental cabin on the new sim called Baja Cove.  I actually loved my first week there so I rented for a second week but now I’m going away it was time to pack up.  I only wish my RL break was a sunny as this sim but no rain is forecasted so for the North of the UK that’s as good as it gets.

The top I’m wearing is another freebie from Addams   It has that lovely tucked in the front bit which adds to its realistic look.  This top comes with a hud and some basic colours but it has one of those slider thingi’s which allows you to adjust the base colour to whatever shade you want.  I will confess that it took a few try of different trousers, jeans and in this case a pair of shorts to get the perfect fit but when you find it it’s just a great look.


Last but not least the hair.  I finally managed to get into The Chapter Four event and I’ve been trying for DAYS! and I was rewarded with not only a RARE from one of the Gachas there but also Mina’s new hair.  This is a brand new style and that bouffanted look is just stunning.  I remember a time in SL when “big” hair looked like a helmet but this is nothing like that and to me it screams of a modern retro look.  Priced at 125Lds just for this event so time to snag it before it ends.



The Chapter Four


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