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Entering a new Phase for year three

coldLogic NEW!! DUH! running sneakers NEW!

Its coldLogic’s third year and things have surely evolved in that time. With a lot of us wearing mesh bodies these days coldLogic have responded to make it easier for us – which is great news ! (I have to admit that I’ve never had an issue with coldLogic clothing and my Slink Physique mesh body, everything fits just as it always has. But that might be because of the shape I wear – I don’t know really) So the latest releases will fit those that don’t wear mesh bodies and those of us who do. I tried everything without wearing my Physique body and then again with it – just so I could see if I had any issues – I didn’t, hurrah ! Above is a new outfit called “hance”, you get the pants & sweater, the sweater actually tucks into the front of the pants which is super stylish and coolio. i also tried the hance sweater with other pairs of coldLogic pants in the latest releases, and they slid in effortlessly – nice touch that you could wear these as separates.  My sneakers are from DUH!, I love love love these cute babies, only 15L a pair and you get guys & girls in the pack – no slink feet required btw.

coldLogic NEW! DUH! Loafers

Onto my favourite pants next “valens”, big houndstooth checky pattern which I just adore, lots of colours to choose from. My sweater is “york” its the ultimate smoochypoochy snuggle-me-up type of thing. This colour is called purple, but it’s really a lovely smudgey sort of lilac-pink. My loafers are by DUH! again no slink feet needed and just 40L a pair – other colours available.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Duh! store


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Let me kiss it.

When Faith and I log in the first thing we have to do is sit down and work our way through all the notes and notices we get sent in our search for goodies to show you so I was sat there on platform working my way through my junk mail and I realised how good this just all looked.  From the new Mina hair to my PumeC skin and how looking this good in SL now need not break the bank anymore. OK so this particular hair is full priced at the moment but Mina Nakamura has so many brilliant hairs out and often they’re at special events at special prices so if you can’t afford this one make sure to pop into her shop as in the entrance way are boards with all the Hairs which are available at events, and the LMs, and you can find them at sometimes a great discount.  Check out Mina’s Gacha because the hair in there, Selenia is one of my fav hairs and it only cost 75Lds for a try and although you can’t chose which colour you win you get a colour pack and not just the one single colour. me The jeans which I always wear are an old hunt prize and the top is an old freebie and the one in the next picture is a Mute 10Lds top and the shoes which again I always wear were 49Lds from Lindy’s. bins Just a fun shot at the Shiny Shabby sim of me trying to find any freebies but no luck so far.  What I did find was way too many new and fresh designs for your AV and home and since I’m on a limited budget till payday I had to TP out before I caved in and bought more Lindens. me2 Popping this picture in because I’m guilty of showing you the more natural colours such as blonde or browns but you can also chose much zingier colourful hairs that still look natural. I always wear PumeC skins and although I think the one in these pictures was Anastasia which is a full priced one I usually chose my skins at random because they’re ALL great even the ones given away as Group Gifts.

I Just recently I bought a Gacha skin from a shop and it was really nice and came with some Appliers but in the end I thought I can’t blog this because for the same amount of money, 100Lds, you can join PumeC and get 4 brilliant shop quality skins with ALL Appliers.  So I gave that skin away.  I also went and joined a VIP Group for another skin shop and to my shock when I went to the “VIP Room” to grab all the lovely goodies it turns out that all you get is a skin, a single skin, just ONE skin and nothing else not even a cleavage layer or brow option, no appliers not even a phat azz. (I know gifts are lovely and I don’t expect them, but when you’ve paid a reasonable amount of Lindens to join the group I do tend to expect appliers so the gift is usable – ok I’m whining a little I know I know !)  So I binned it and un-joined.

bed However a shop where I have been a very happy Platimum Group Member of for many many years) is Michigans Shack.  It cost 500Lds to join and each month a Group Gift is placed out and also various itmes with various discounts as well for us.  I have a folder stuffed with items from Michigans Shack (it’s typed as MiChIGaN’s ShAck).  You do not have to be a Group memeber to enjoy this shop, just join the normal group to be kept upto date with all of the hunts that are regularly held here and you will still end up with lots of goodies and they’re all top quality. bed2 Each week there are special 60Ld items out and rarely a week goes by that I don’t end up buying the special offer and this week there is a whole load of very 50 Shades of fun items (BDSM) and this bed.  This bed which seems to be standard with most MS items comes with not just single and cuddle poses but with the hardcore ones so if you’re into threesomes, gay, lesbion, toys etc then there is a menu for you but please if you’re not do NOT let that put you off as these aren’t just sex driven items of furniture. Last mention apart from the one on the Shiny Shabby sim ALL of these pictures were taken in my Nams setting with no photo editing to show you how clean and clear the skin, hair and clothes look.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

PumeC Mainshop

MiChIGaN’s ShAck

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Pottering about (Free items)

FREE garden water feature (limited stock)

I’ve been pottering around my SL home the last couple of days, my holiday to Spain invigorated me . I’ve been  trawling the shops and the market place to find pretty things for the garden. I was totally surprised to find the water feature above for free ! It’s by Two Moon Gardens and is a limited time offer – so if you like it grab it fast. All mesh and super sweet, it comes on a grassy pedestal to make it easier to blend in with your own land – and has flowers and butterflies attached , plus a water effect sound ball which is a lovely touch.

Hunt gift FREE

I also found this darling little bird in a cage from the I do wedding network in the “Finding the Fairytale” hunt, all prizes are just 1L. Touch the cage to make the birdy sing. It is mesh but isn’t ever-so-low in prims at 14Li but I’m going to make room for it in my home anyway.

Two Moon Garden market place

I do wedding Network

Finding the fairytale blog for all URL’s and info

Gift previews


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CandyMetal – is back !

candymetal FREE coat - NEW leather look jeans (with colour HUD)

I was chuffed to get a note-card from Emychan @ CandyMetal the other day, the store is back in business ! The coat above is a group gift, the group is free to join. Very glam and stylish look. The grey turtle neck is actually part of the coat, it gives it a more polished appeal I think.

NEW leather look jeans

New on the rails are these scrummy “Nemy” leather look pants. Gorgeous texturing, beautifully cut at the waist and ankles, really sharp. You get a HUD with eight colours as part of the deal – $125L, quite the steal. Take the Lm below and go upstairs for CandyMetal, the group gift is on the wall in the centre, the pants in the far right corner on the wall. Thanks Emy ❤


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Monday Morning Blues(Freebies).

I’ve had such a good clear out of my invent but before I binned anything I checked to make sure it wasn’t keep worthy and I found this.


A simple denim pinafore dress from AtiK  One of a few GG’s (free to join).


It’s slashed at the sides, pretty and sexy.

Ok I did have a couple of minor issues with this dress but nothing that can’t be resolved easily.  The Alpha that comes with it is not the best fit and because of that my bum, which is very small in SL terms, breaks through and so does my right nip LOL.  You do get a system layer pair of panties and pasties but in all honesty it would be very easy to find an Alpha in your invent to use instead of the one given.

This is a really nice dress and worth that little bit of effort and there are more GG’s waiting to be grabbed as well, all very wearable.


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Weekender (Freeness at the bottom).

FINALLY! Even though Faith and I rent our own sim we still use others as backgrounds and one of them is an extremely popular Baja Norte sim which is owned and run by Lauren Bentham, but she now has added a second rental sim to her estates, called Baja Cove and I have finally managed to rent myself a small beach cabin here…WOO HOO.



In all the time I’ve been a visitor to this sim I had yet to see a vacancy so the opportunity to rent was just too good and I really hate to tell you this but all of these new beach homes got snapped up in a heartbeat and from the looks of the rental boards, on the sides of the houses, it looks like most folks have rented for a full month.

I’ve cut and pasted this bit out of the info card about rentals..

it costs 250 lindens to join the land group, that allows rezz when you first rent on Baja Norte group join is -FREE- if you pay a minimum of 2 weeks or more at the start,
(and you are not already a group member)pay to join as normal , then IM me and i will refund the join fee straight away, if im not online or away (which is rare) just notecard me the transaction details of the rental payment and join fee by logging into SL website and go to transaction details & ill refund the join fee 🙂

NOTE: The Free Group join offer is only for people renting then joining the group & paying a minimum of 2 weeks at the start , not for people in the group already who then decide to rent only the person whose name is on the rental payment meter can rez items permanently at the rentals & get the group fee refunded,
this does not apply to friends or partners of the renter.


There is an amazing amount of cool crisp water but also as much land as you need.  I’ve taken some nice photos but also check out Lauren’s Flickr page to see even more pictures of here and also her many other builds and shops.  I don’t know if many people on the land realise that over our heads is some of her other shops and builds such as Bentham Manor, Bentham Forest.  These are her shops but they’re set out as full builds for you to walk though and admire and if you like what you see just click and buy.  Again if you check out her Flickr account you will see these builds as well.  The best thing about this sim is you really don’t need much camera skills as this place is so lovely and packed with so many poses and props anyone can come here, group member or not, and take some great pictures.baja7

There are larger areas for groups to get together or smaller ones for more privacy but it goes without saying that you won’t find any naughty poses….snuggle ones maybe, rudie ones a definite No No .  In fact I’ve not checked the details but I should imagine it’s definitely a case of no jiggly bits at all, people come here for peace and quiet not for pervin, although what you get upto in private chat is upto you LOL.  If you’re here for 100% privacy then this isn’t the sim for you, a busy and very popular place for many people but you will be left alone.

I’ve been a full paided Group Member for a while now and this allows me rezzing privileges BUT of course it goes without saying if you rezz it you clean it up! and keep an eye on the prim count.  I’m not sure if there is a limit other than the ones for the home renters as to how many a paid Group Member can use but the reality is that rezzing a lot of prims esp at peak visiting times will be frowned up.  I’ve never had to rezz anything other than a pose ball or small prop as everything you could need is already provided for you.


If I had challenged Faith to find my home out of all of them without looking at the rental boards she would have found it in a heartbeat LOL.   I can’t really tell you much about the homes because they all were rented in a heartbeat and most of them look as though they were rented for a full month straight away so you will have to just strike it lucky like I did and keep on popping over to snag the occasional vacancy.  I’ve only rented mine for a week just so I can finally say “I lived there” and then move back to my own sim.crossgrenintrep

Last shot of the Freebie I’ve snagged.  Comes from S@bbia and is probably going to be the last winterish type of coat I’m going to show you.  Free to join the group and free to grab.  As I was LM grabbing I noticed that amongst the other Group Gifts there is a lovely bag which if I had spotted it at the time I would have grabbed that as I think it would have gone lovely with this coat as well.  The other thing I’ve noticed  is that this coat comes in all the standard mesh sizes but also inc a fitmesh size and I’m wearing that in this picture because although the other sizes fitted will this one fitted over my mesh trousers so it turned out to be very handy addition to the sizes.

Baja Norte

Baja Cove

Lauren Bentham’s Flickr


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Springing.(Oh So Cheapies&Freebies).

We have many ways of tracking down the new, free and in this case cheap items and one of them is just keeping an eye out on what shops use as a decor item and that is how I found this lounger.


Loved its old-fashioned look, it looks as though it should be on the deck of an old passenger ship and I knew it would look great set around our swimming pool.  So I grabbed the details off the one in the shop and quickly TPed over to Naive Designs which is a small shop owned by Isis (isiskowalsky). chair

Since I’m such a cheap biatch when I find something I like and then find out that it’s at a brilliant bargain price of only 30Lds I give a little RL Whoop LOL.  Honestly I am really chuffed with the price, prims, poses and then add to that you actually get a choice of wood and cushion colour.


I had just packed away some tubs of winter plants so to find these perfect Spring Daffs was Kismet and for 20Lds you get a whole pack of them, a selection of window tubs, some in pots.  What you can’t see is that you get a whole clump of them for landscaping but they’re actually unlinked and so you get a whole selection of clumps from the largest at 3prims right down to a single stem.


Confession, I’m not that keen on the ones in the pots purely because the orange of the terracotta pot is a bit too orangey but as I’ve said you get some which are free-standing for ground cover and I’ve taken some of them and planted them into a box I already had. What I’m going to do next is rezz a load of my own pots and fill them and then put some in my home in vases, they’re so lovely so low primmed and so cheap you can.


I’m putting the Link for her Marketplace shop but don’t buy from there, pop into her inworld shop so you can see the items rezzed in there and also grab some of the freebies which aren’t free in her MP shop.  This simple windmill comes with its own pose, not shown, and you get a variety of colours.  Or you can rezz a non pose one for a decor item and of course it does turn as well.  That simple bracelet is also a freebie from here and there is also a sleep mask which is a really good fit.

As I’ve said not a big shop but well worth the visit.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace