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Fence sitting

coldLogic NEW release

Say hello to “harris” and “case”, two new items in the latest release from coldLogic. The new collection is huge ! Lots of trousers and sweaters to dribble over and play around with. Harris is super versatile, its a three-in-one kinda deal. You can wear it as I am above, all three pieces together – scarf, sweater and under layer, or fiddle about and make it your own. I chose the case pants to go with it, very easy to wear (over a mesh body or not as you wish). Lovely details along the seams, the sort of pants that you will find yourself reaching for time and again ! (I even removed the “knight” leggings that had become welded to my legs for these) As always demos available in the market place or instore, plus squillions of colours to choose from (or a big quantum pack) Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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