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Free Fud.

After my time at The Wash I decided to Map Hop and I can’t believe I actually stumbled on a Poche satellite shop because I’ve actually just binned a whole folder of their items in an attempt to reclaim my sanity and some space in my invent, only to stumble upon more Freebies which are too good not to show you.


There is a whole selection of items from cool summer drinks to this full tray.


The rezzable tray is a bit primmy but it’s linked and each piece on its own from the spoon to the tea-cup can be used as individual pieces.


And just 1 more picture but as usual even if you’re not interested in the items I’m showing you still pop over as there is much more of offer and when I get back inworld I’m going to check out the Poche mainshop to see if there is anything else new to me.




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