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It’s a Wash.

I’ve been a bit of a RL snivelling wreck thanks to a cold so I’ve been taking it easy in RL and SL but I stumbled on some cheapies/freebies that did make me smile and so here is some of them.


The Wash is back and it just gets better. Since everything is priced at 10Lds I went a bit wild.  So many SLink shoes, this pair came from the Petite Mort stall.  I’ve cropped this picture so close any flaws would be glaring but as you can see cheap in price but not cheap in texturing.

OK confession time, when I pick stuff up to blog I tuck it all into its own folder and date and name it and then file it away but I’ve lost all my The Wash items LOL.  I blame my cold so I popped back and grabbed another pair of shoes and this.


A tiny little Inch Worm LOL.  This is a full perm item which I haven’t looked at the details of what you’re allowed to do with it because I simply wanted it for my own use but I’m going to assume that you may repackage this and sell it but check out the TOS if that’s what you wish to do.

As always everything at the Wash is only 10Lds.  They’ve changed the stalls and now they’re boards, you will see what I mean when I get there, which actually makes it less fussy to check out whats on sale and it’s a great way to kill some SL and RL time.

The Wash

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