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Springing.(Oh So Cheapies&Freebies).

We have many ways of tracking down the new, free and in this case cheap items and one of them is just keeping an eye out on what shops use as a decor item and that is how I found this lounger.


Loved its old-fashioned look, it looks as though it should be on the deck of an old passenger ship and I knew it would look great set around our swimming pool.  So I grabbed the details off the one in the shop and quickly TPed over to Naive Designs which is a small shop owned by Isis (isiskowalsky). chair

Since I’m such a cheap biatch when I find something I like and then find out that it’s at a brilliant bargain price of only 30Lds I give a little RL Whoop LOL.  Honestly I am really chuffed with the price, prims, poses and then add to that you actually get a choice of wood and cushion colour.


I had just packed away some tubs of winter plants so to find these perfect Spring Daffs was Kismet and for 20Lds you get a whole pack of them, a selection of window tubs, some in pots.  What you can’t see is that you get a whole clump of them for landscaping but they’re actually unlinked and so you get a whole selection of clumps from the largest at 3prims right down to a single stem.


Confession, I’m not that keen on the ones in the pots purely because the orange of the terracotta pot is a bit too orangey but as I’ve said you get some which are free-standing for ground cover and I’ve taken some of them and planted them into a box I already had. What I’m going to do next is rezz a load of my own pots and fill them and then put some in my home in vases, they’re so lovely so low primmed and so cheap you can.


I’m putting the Link for her Marketplace shop but don’t buy from there, pop into her inworld shop so you can see the items rezzed in there and also grab some of the freebies which aren’t free in her MP shop.  This simple windmill comes with its own pose, not shown, and you get a variety of colours.  Or you can rezz a non pose one for a decor item and of course it does turn as well.  That simple bracelet is also a freebie from here and there is also a sleep mask which is a really good fit.

As I’ve said not a big shop but well worth the visit.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace

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