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Sexy and you Damn Well Know It!!!(Group Gifts and cute Freebie).

Everytime I put on a PumeC skin that’s just what I think.

I always pop over to Sly Otebis shop PumeC even if no notice has been put out about a new skin or special offer just in case something new is out and I’ve missed it and I was right because  I’m almost 100% sure that this Mira skin is a new Group Gift, one thing is for sure is when I checked my invent I didn’t have it so of course I grabbed and TPed home straight away and stripped off.


Sorry I left my “lippie” tattoo on but the subtle pink eyeshadow does come with the skin.  I may have tarted up the pictures with those floaty hearts but I’ve not put them over the actual skin and of course it’s my nams setting so this is as good as it looks in SL.


The Group is 99Lds to join but there are 4 Skins to grab but thats just skins its skins with ALL Appliers.  That turns out to be 25Lds for not just each skin but each skin comes with ALL the Appliers from the most common SLinks to the Newest Maitreya and others.  You will find the update pack for those on the Pilar at the side of the stairs and then I spotted a NEW Gift out for us! A Valentines skin called Milana.  Another quick TP home and I can tell you that yet again another fully packed skin.


Just in case you’re wondering I have blurred the nips and it’s not an issue with the skin LOL.  Even full priced Mina skins are a bargain.  I have other skins that I used to pick up from special events and I loved them BUT you then had to add the SLink then the Lolas and then SL Physique and on and on and your once baragin skin ends up costing you much more AND the blending of the PumeC skins is faultless you never need to use a blending layer.

Faith and I both picked up some freebies from Blaraby, and mine are these really good mesh shorties/pants.  You get 3 colour options, black, red and the pair I’m showing.  You can’t see the nice tie’s at the sides.  Small moan, my AV is on the smaller size, NOT child like or even a Petite but not a bootiful babe and I found that I had to wear the largest size and you only get 3 size options.  So those of you who like your Booties Big or are more wide hipped might find that they sadly don’t fit.  Don’t let that put you off trying them on in any case as they are really lovely. There is also a whole selection of his n her Valentine T-shirts which look like really good quality I just don’t have an SL He to share them with.

A vanity shot, if you’re wondering I have blurred the nips a little bit and it’s not the skin.  Got to keep within the blog rules LOL.  PumeC is not a free to join group but at 99Lds and straight away you get 4 free skins so that works out at 25Lds each skin pack and each maybe different but the one thing you always get is ALL the Appliers you can ever want.  Most of them come packed in an easy to use Hud or even they’re very new she’s popped them into the packs AND if you look on the side of the central pillar you will see a picture for all of the ultimate new Appliers such as Maitreya.




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