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Quick n Sexy.

In RL and SL I have a thing for “Pinnies” which means aprons in the North East of the UK.  I have them in all different styles from the good old butcher’s apron to a half slip retro apron I even have one which has frills on it and resembles a Spanish Flamenco dress, I never use that one LOL.  So when I find aprons in SL I usually grab them and I saw these sexy prettiness on the Honey stall @The Creators Collection Box.


You get 2 aprons in the pack this one with pretty flowers on it and a simple white one.  I’m blogging this really quickly as this is a perfect for the Big Day tomorrow.  From the front you look all  sweet and innocent but if you’re as cheeky as I am then….turn around…


…Why bother with clothes underneath.  This is the white version but of course they’re identical apart from the texturing.


Although you can’t see it in these pictures there is the hint of a nip slip going on.  I’ve not tried them over normal clothes, obviously system layers would fit perfectly but I can see that most mesh clothing would also fit pretty well so even if you wanted to wear clothes under I’m pretty sure you will be able to.

1 size fits all and cost only 80Lds for the pair.  I did have a quick TP over to Honey Melson’s  shop Honey and spotted that they’re priced at a 100Lds there so the bargain is at the Creators Collection Box.  I haven’t had a chance to have a real good mooch around Honey’s shop but it seems to have some really good new designs.

PS I’ve slapped on the old Vasaline layer on the picture because it’s Romantic….but of course there is a Demo available for you to try before you buy which since this is a 1 size fits all you really should.

Creators Collection Box