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Time to rebuild?

Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88 Townhouse NEW!

I always get itchy feet when Scarlet Creative releases a new home, and this time is no different. The Hudson Townhouse is a bit like a Tardis, from outside. It looks tall and narrow but once you walk inside, it’s a maze of rooms, stairs, steps, ladders that lead to different levels and rooms. As is usual the textured finish is incredible. I do find myself zoom perving the plaster and bricks frequently – weird I know !

Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse

With the multitude of windows its a pretty light sort of build, the wood gives it such warmth though too. What I really love about Charlotte Bailey’s builds is there doesn’t seem to be a “set” layout, know what I mean? You don’t walk in and think “oh, ok that’s the kitchen, that’s the lounge” etc, it’s really up to you to live or work in them as you feel like.

Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88 NEW!

Go take a walk around, it’s on display at collabor88, thanks Charlotte ❤


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