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Yonks! (Freebies n Cheapies).

It’s been “yonks” since I last visited the D!va mainshop but when another blogger, Kiylee mentioned that they had a new Free hair out I was there in a heartbeat.  WOW check out “Bambi”.


Adorable, cute and different.  Those little hair horns are so Kawaii and yet wearable for even the “un Kawaii” lol. This hair comes with 2 versions the “horns” up or to the side and you will see that in other pictures.  The icing on the cake, apart from it being a free to join group, is that you get a whole fat pack of the colours.  I’ve not had  a chance to even count them but from my first glance it looks like you have every shade from black to blonde.  You will have to join the group but again thats FREE.  You will find this GG in the centre of the shopping area, easy to find because of the crowds of people who like us have TPed into grab the goodies.

But linger at D!va because there is a SALE going on.  At 125Lds a pack it looks like it’s a pretty generous sale so you might find something to treat yourself to.


Just love this dress, the colour, style, fit etc and not forgetting the back.


A brill freebie from Wertina.  There is also a pair of earings anyone can pick up but to get this dress you will have to join the Free group.

As I wandered around the Wertina shop I came across the discounted section, on one of the mezzanine level.  Everything seems to be priced at 10Lds or at least the 3 items I picked up.


I am not a great slogan top fan but I can’t agree more with the sentiments on this top.  Again a great fit etc and only 10Lds.  More choices available for this top.


Check out the “side horns” on my D!va hair. This shirt is also a discounted item, a simple white shirt with a bit of detailing and the lovely scrunched up look at the waist which give your clothes that realistic touch and again 10Lds, more colours available but only the coloured stripes.

Actually when I went back to LM grab and ended up buying more stuff from the discount section, a spotty skirt and a very pretty summery dress.  I also had a wander around the Wertina shop and drooled a bit.  Not cheap but not overpriced for some new designs and great texturing, even a hardened Freebie hunter like me was tempted but then I quickly TPed out.



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