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Perfect 10 – A new Experience

Perfect 10 NEW !

A new event has begun at The Cookie jar, it’s called Perfect 10. Above is a gorgeous set from Urban Daisies – I adore the wall hanging, the quality of the fabric texture is stunning. The vintage daybed is stuffed full of really nice poses and uber low prim. Ohhh btw the little berber rugs come in an array of colours to choose from also. Heres a little info from the Blog about it :

“Following the massive and continued success of the Designer Warehouse and Builders Warehouse events we have decided to enter into 2015 with a new concept! Not “just another sales event” PERFECT TEN not only replaces our Designer Warehouse event (the longest running Home & Garden sales room on the grid) but also encapsulates the Home & Garden community. It is specifically designed for non-fashion creators with large display areas and a huge resource of “home & garden fans” in our marketing reach. This truly is going to be “the place to be” for all furniture, landscaping, full-perms creators.”

Perfect 10 NEW!!

Better view of the fabrics used on the daybed and wall hanging.

Perfect 10 - Finishing touches

Another store that I’m rather fond of is in the Perfect 10 round, Finishing Touches ! This lounge set is scrummy, I kept zoom perving the textures used on the couch & chair – yes, I know w e i r d but , it’s SO edible ! The table has the option of wood or glass and wood. You can also add your own photos and images to the set of frames on the wall to make it more personal. The couch has poses for single pringles, friends and couples – there’s even a proposal animation – handy for Valentines day huh?

Perfect 10 - Finishing Touches NEW

For the duration of the Perfect 10 event this set is at 50% discount – I popped over today to take a look at the set up , there’s SO much to see  and some amazing deals !

Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Blog

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It’s simple. (freebies).

A lovely simple knitted dress from ur.favourite.  You do have to join the ur.favourite group but that’s free and you get not just this shade, beige, but also a lovely off white one.  I’ve had a little look around this shop and it has some delightful items in it.  Not cheap I’m afraid but sometimes to get a new and fresh design you have to pay but I’ve just gotten my RL Visa bill so I resisted and was more than happy with this lovely gift LOL.


Since I was already wearing this skin and even though I’ve already blogged it previously because it’s still available at Elysium it’s too good not to mention. You know how much of a PumeC fan I am but I’ve kept this skin as it’s such a lovely skin, comes with and without freckles and Appliers.  A keeper for sure.  There are other Free GG’s to be grabbed I remembered blogging the shoes but I’m not showing you them again just the skin but there is some lovely items out.


Another repost but this is just simply too good to miss.  I was clearing out my invent and came across the folder with the Fishy Strawberry gifts I had snagged and before I bin anything I always recheck it and although the red one in the pack is too Xmassy to be wearing now this white one is so pretty and so wearable at any time and not just Christmas.

ur.favourite one Dress.

Elysium Skin and other gifts.

 Fishy Strawberry Jumper.

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Curves&Holy Moley!!!

MUTE again and this 10Ld offer is for some Kim kardashian curves or rather pants that give you those curves.


I wish I had remembered to put on a pair of shoes I’ve previously bought from Mute but never mind.  Booty hugging mesh pants with a metallic sheen to them. Once I finished taking this picture I just put on a sweater and these are such great basics that can be dressed up or down as you want.


Although my waist looks ridiculously tiny and these leggings/pants are meant to give you curves and even though my AV size is on the smaller size I think look great and not out of proportion and I’m going back for the black, white and the silver pair but many other colour options available.


Of course I had to put in a Booty shot LOL.

Mute is owned by Jᴀʏ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs (jaysee.netizen) and when she shut her SL shop for various RL and SL issues she got so many messages off her supporters that she reopened a Discount Skybox and everything is priced at 10Lds.  So far I’ve grabbed everything apart from 1 dress.  Some great stuff and she puts out something new at least each week and usually more often.  You can join the group like I did, for free, to make sure that as soon as it’s out you can go and grab it

HOLY MOLY! I’ve just checked her Marketplace shop and she has put a total of 730 items priced between 0-10lds and 138 for between 11-110Lds the pricier items are the Fat Packs.  Don’t Panic when you see that the link takes you to a shop called Sugar and Cyanide it’s the same shop just different names.  I’m going to be stocking up on skater skirts, jumpers, SLink shoes and on and on.

Mute Discount Skybox

Mute Marketplace


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Thank You (some freeness).

Thanks to another blogger,Kiylee, for giving me the LM to this event.  I wasn’t going to go to it but I found myself with some time to kill and Oh Boy I’m glad I did.

Called “Creators Collection Box” and it’s packed with fresh new stuff for both your AV and your AV home.  Nicely and simply laid out so easy to find the mini shops.  There is some freeness to be found but not much however what I did find was so stunning I’m so pleased I went.

Firstly the paid for items.


If you’re a Pinterester like me you will recognise this style of fabric/paper flowers.  In this picture I’ve grouped them together to show you how stunning they can be as a group but they come as small sections of 7 strands.  When I got back inworld I found that they’re editable and so you can go from as little as 2prims to OMG….too many LOL.  Perfectly sized though at the 3 prim stage.


As you can see these fabric/paper flowers are similar to the ceiling ones. They don’t come attached to that glass vase (that’s actually a freebie at this event) and so can popped into any vase or you can pick up the free and editable glass vase that it there for you.   Both of these items come from the ASO stand and the ceiling flowers cost 250, the bunch of flowers 100Lds and there is a single stemmed flower for only 50Lds.



Fun freebie.  Bigger than it looks in the picture but small enough for any childs room and is in fact a chair.  Comes with 3 poses which fit an adult, you also get 2 wearables, a little copy for your hair and another as a balloon on a stick.  Sweet and only 2 prims.  Will make an adorable addition to a childs room or if you’re into Kawaii then it’s perfect.  This item is to be found at La Petite Fleur stand.  Another shop I and Faith have blogged before because not only is most of their clothing range very affordable but they have some great freebies out for us.


Take tea with me because this is not only just 3prims but you get 2 choices of wearable Tea to drink.  You’re asked permission to attach the cup first and it didn’t remove my SLink hand or any other attachment that I could see.  Most impressed with the movement.  Not 100% perfect but then it can never be when you take into account AV sizes are all different but this was smooth and the most natural drinking one I’ve seen in a long time.flowers7useWOW these flowers are FREEEE and not even just these but there are 3 different bunches, pink (shown), red and the blue in the picture below.  Each also comes with its own pose


The icing on the cake is that 亮 (ryo.ixxel) has made them Trans! So you can send your SL Loved one a gift how fricken generous is that!  Because I’m a SL singleton and I love these I’m going to go back and grab armfuls of them.  At 6prims I can stuff my home with them.

So the beautiful tea set and flowers are gifts to us from 亮 (ryo.ixxel), his shop is called RH Designs and I’ve blogged this shop before since he also has some excellent Group Gifts in his shop as well as paid for great furniture and builds in the back.  Really worth checking it out esp as it’s place on a little shopping sim with cute shops with some hidden freebies and LBs.

PS you will have to join the free CCB (Creators Collection Box) group to grab the freebies.

Please note as I was grabbing the CCB and RH Design LMs he message came though that the sim was restarting so you may find that it’s down for a short while.

Creators Collection Box

La Petite Fleur Shop

RH Designs

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50 Shades

Free mesh top - dollarbie jeans (appliers included for Slink physique) dollarbie boots (HUD with texture change for 8 colourspatterns) R(S)W stool

I feel like I’m reinventing 50 shades – 50 shades of brown. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, I just got carried away really into some sort of brown-fest nirvana. Anyhoooo here Iam with a few tempting goodies, two dollarbies one free. Larry Jeans provided the jeans (naturally) and they come with a bewildering assortment of appliers: Pack of Larry Denim Jeans. Regular & Bootcut Versions.- Includes OMEGA Appliers (Pants / Underpants / Tattoo)  – Includes Appliers for Phat Azz Mesh Booty – Includes Appliers for WowMeh Fitted Mesh Body  – Includes Appliers for Slink Physique Mesh Body – Includes Installers for The Mesh Project – phew! Lovely level of detail on them – I’m wearing them as traditional clothing layers  and as you can see – they fit perfectly inside boots. The pack of jeans is entirely free btw and has traditional blue and black shades included.

Talking of boots brings me onto my next find for a single dollar. These are by K-room and are unrigged mesh. They have a re-sizer function plusssss a choice of colours and patterns !

Dollarbie Boot HUD

Here is the HUD for the boots, great choice of colours , simple and easy to use.

Free mesh top with heart cut out & colour change HUD

The sweet mesh top is a single Linden dollar, what attracted me to it is the heart shape cut-out on the back. A HUD is included with a few pre-sets but you can also mix up your own palette of shades.

Addams heart cut top

K-room boots

Larry Jeans


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Listen up Guys (free items)

Free lingerie Free skin

Ok boys, its time to start thinking about V Day – that’s Valentines day. I’ve found something that will delight the lady in your life and what’s more, its transferable. This means you can buy it from the market place, wrap it all up neatly and give it to her on the big day. Even better news is its absolutely free ! Big thanks to Liza’a Boutique for this superb item of adorable lingerie. Now if you’re really keen to win her heart, or keep her heart – you will also take her along to Flounce, and point out the fantastic group gift of this skin. The group is free to join and if you’ve got mesh bits (feet,hands,body etc) you can buy appliers for it for just 149L – the box contains appliers for most mesh parts but do check to make sure your fav ones are in there.


Lisa’s Boutique free Lingerie


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Slap that sub(Freebie).

Slap the sub board at AnaMarkova and if these SLink High shoes aren’t sent to you automatically then slap it again and check the no 1 in History and these will be yours.


These are a gift for 500 Subscriptions but I have to say I’m surprised that they have so few subs at the moment as this is a pretty nice shop indeed.  There is a GG also but this is a paid for Group.  Cost a 100Lds to join and in the notice that was sent out I can see it’s a lovely white Grecian style wrap over dress with silver belts around the torso.  It’s in the bag on the table on the reception table. There is a picture of it in one of the notices sent out so when you’re grabbing the Sub gift grab the notices as well to see a piccie of it.

PS if you don’t like this shade then there is a whole wall of different colours and at 99Lds not badly priced.