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Ready for love

Aphrodite Valentine items - Masoom FREE dress

Are you ready for love? It’s only a couple of weeks till Valentines day, and if you’d like to surprise your loved one, get planning! Aphrodite have a huge release of V day goodies. You cn make a big spread of glorious food. There are tables laden with sweet treats, a buffet of savoury items, décor for around the home and more. Heres a link to a video so you can see it all in action : – LOVE the video, take a peek.

Aphrodite Valentine Savoury Buffet NEW

The savoury table is heaving with SO much food it’s very tempting, rolls, quiche, champers and all sorts of sammiches .

Aphrodite Valentine Buffet tables NEW!!

If you touch the food you will get wearable items to animated you, what I really like is the sets are not hard linked – means you can move things around and perhaps remove or add pieces. Have to say I was surprised at how low prim the cake is, most of it is low Li – so scatter it all around till your heart’s content.

Aphrodite Valentine Swing seat - couples,signles & activities NEW

My fav item is the Valentine swing – it works for all year really though. 4 prims ! Couples, singles & activity poses, plus of course it swingsssssss gently. There is also a MEGA pack thats at 25% discount currently, it contains squillions of items plus more than you see here. Thanks Marina ❤

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Aphrodite market place

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