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Black or White ? (hunt gifts)

Black or White hunt - Free dress

I did a little of the Black or White hunt this evening, it runs until the 31st of January. At Wicked I found this sweet little wrap dress as the prize which is the white gift. If I had of had more time I would’ve searched out the black prize – cause it goes with the dress ! Basically each store has two prizes to find (which are totally free), the white prizes are easier to find, the black a little harder. Clues to help you are on the hunt blog listed below.

Black Or White hunt - FREE

I also headed over to Sickly Sweet and found their white prize, which is super little chess set. There are two versions given, this is the 2 Li one, there is also a more complex one that is 18Li, choice is yours. Some lovely prizes in this event, and some new stores to discover !


Sickly Sweet

Black or White Hunt blog

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