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Upping it’s game(Freebies).

Popped over to M&M (M&M Female clothes & Hair girl) to sort through ALL of my notes because I remembered M&M used to have a massive wall of Lucky Boards which luckily for me is still there.  Actually when I TPed in I thought I was in the wrong shop as it’s had a whole new quality upgrade in the building since I was last here.

This is one big shop and it took me a bit of searching to find the Lucky Boards, they’re on the 2nd floor, but before I went to find them I checked out the Freebies which if the LM doesn’t take you right to them just turn to your left as you rezz and they’re right there easy to find.


The group is free to join and I’m pretty sure both of the dresses I’m going to show you are 2 of the Group Gifts but there are more than these 2 Group Gifts there are also Dollarbies and a couple of 10Lds items.  I also won a mesh dress from the Lucky Board which suggests that although most of it is non mesh there are some mesh items in there, because there are so many LBs just standing there going through my notes I picked up a lot of stuff which I’ve not really looked too closely at because I know they’re non mesh.


Lovely texturing and excellent fit.  Most impressed with all the freebies I grabbed from M&M’s and once I’ve got a bit more time because it’s such a big shop I’m going to pop back and have a real good look around.

UPDATE.  So I’m stood in M&M’s now and I’ve had a much better look at not only the shop but the Lucky boards.  There are more mesh outfits in the LBs than I had originally thought and I would be very happy to win them and even some of the non mesh, I do believe that I’ve won a bikini set which looks as though it’s the same texturing as the first dress in this post.  I’ve also had a chance to cam around the shop and to a hardened SL shopper like me a lot of very recognisable designs here but also some real nice hidden treasures.  This place is definitely worth spending some time to have a good wander around.  I’m off home now to unpack and check out my LB wins.


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