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Spend some save some FREE some.

I picked these items up from a Fund Raising event and I have to confess that I know nothing about who the fund-raising is for and why but looking at the contributors to this event and the fact that a lot of them have their items set to 100% donations it must really be for a good cause. Once I’ve finished this post I’ll have a mooch around and see if I can work out any more details.

Fund raising or not as soon as I saw these Dust Bunny items they were MINE!


Everything bar the sink is a Dust Bunny item.  In fact the house that I’m using is one of Dust Bunny’s and it was my Crimbo pressie off Faith, both of us adore their homes and decor items and I bet once she see’s this dish rack and the coffee pot she will be zipping over to grab em as well.  Although if you’re a tea person then there is a tea set there.  The dish rack was 125Lds and the coffee pot/cup set(linked) 50Lds and they’re seriously low primmed.  These items and everything else at the “Leaf on the wind” fund raising event are ones off so I’m going to assume that you won’t be able to buy them once the event is over.


I have been after a dish rack like this for absolutely ages.  The details and texturing and so good that I’ve taken them in my Nams setting with no photo editing at all.


Can you see the light metallic sheen on the pot and cups, it’s pure quality.

The gorgeous sink is of course from POST.  Some shops in SL have such a distinctive look to them you recognise them anywhere and Post is one of them.  I love this look so much when I get back inworld I’m changing my whole kitchen just to accommodate it.  The sink is not involved in this fund-raiser but of course you can check out Van Auster’s mainshop….ooooo and if you do pop over to post like I did then you will find this brilliant FREEBIE waiting for you.  It’s just in the entrance.

snapp glogg

Snapp Glogg is what it’s called and you get 2 sizes, larger on the right smaller on the left.  All linked and only 2 prims.

snapp glogg1

Look at that texturing, even the metal box this item is delivered in will make a great decor item.

Dust Bunny@Leaf On The Wind

Dust Bunny Main shop




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