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I Spy, cheapies, freebies and pretties.

I spy freebies, bargains and something new for my home.

mute shoes

Yup Mute is still putting out the 10Ld bargains and since I can never have too many SLink shoes esp when they’re just 10Lds I of course popped straight over and grabbed these.  A whole board of different colours and it was hard to choose so yet again I plumped for the beige/brown shade but there is everything from bright pink to emm these beige/brown ones LOL.  SLink so that means you need the High feet for these shoes.


I popped over to the Cosmopolitan Shop.  There is a large mainshop with a whole selection of clothes, shoes, poses etc from many well know SLshops.  Outside is a nice shopping mall and you will notice a lot of the shops have shopping trolleys outside and in them you will find a lovely discounted item.

In the main shop I found these goodies and I also grabbed their Group Gift which I completely forgot about.  The GG, free to join, if I remember correctly is a stool, high in height and with an industrial look to it.  However these boxes are a real find for me esp as I’m cleaning out and redoing my home a little bit and these will be perfect in my home/outhouse.  The box with the bottles and the one with the lid on are only 10Lds! and the one without the lid is a FREEBIE from Ex Machina and even the box with the bottles in ONLY 2 prims! and the other boxes are only 1 prims and copyable.

I don’t know too much about this shop, Ex Machina and tbh not a lot on their Marketplace Shop but when I get back inworld I’m going to have a scout around to see if they have more stock inworld.  Till then I’m chuffed with these boxes.


Since I saved so much more at the Cosmopolitan event and Mute I splashed out on this gorgeous candlestick which can also be found in the main shop.  75Lds and only 2prims for the main candlestick and a single prim for the stand alone one and yes it’s also copyable.

candles 2

I zoomed in for a closer picture.  Slightly kicking myself that I didn’t check out how it glows in different windlight settings but even in my Nams setting it looks so pretty. DOH forgot the name of the design/shop for this candle set but when you go into the Cosmopolitan main shop you turn left for the boxes and right for the candlesticks LOL.  They’re both placed on the centre stands.


Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town

Ex Machina

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