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Never too late for Pumpkins.(oodles of freeness).

When I spot a crowd of people esp when I know it’s a shop and not a club or something like that I TP over cos I am nosy like that.  Sometimes you can rezz in some unusual situations but in this case I scored BIG.


In fact a whole box of goodies and from what I’ve seen they’re all in shades of white which as you can see makes for a stunning look.  Best of all what I’ve unpacked also comes with male and female sizes so at last a great freebie for all.  There is a jacket, plain shirt, baggy jeans, a torn shirt and on and on.  I teamed the sweat pants with this layered shirt/sweater set.  Such a great look.


Just look at the detail at the collar and cuffs and subtle texturing of the fabric, this is top quality stuff and pretty darn generous.  I’m not sure how long this generous offer can go on so instead of waiting till Monday I’m going to post the details now.  Pumpkin is the name of the shop and it’s the large picture in the reception area, just click it, grab and run off to try them out for yourself.

Plus if you haven’t twigged on that is of course the latest Mina hair AND New PumeC skin.  Yet again another skin I’ve fallen in love with but I’ll give you more details about that later.




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