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It’s rare!

I think it’s hard to find  a decent hair for FREE, I think it’s the one thing in SL that you have to pay some Lindens for so it’s great when some shops put out shop quality but discounted items at special events and even nicer when they give them out as FREEBIES.


This is Tableau Vivants New Year giftie to us and I’m showing you only 2 of the shades but trust me this hair comes with a massive amount of Fat Pack hair colours Huds, 30 colours in each Hud and 11 Huds in the pack.  There is also a Man sided version in this pack same in all the details just a bit bigger for a male head.  You do have to join the group to grab but thats Free as well.


My next surprised was these shoes from Lucyshoes and you do have to join the Free Group to grab.


Non SLink and I was gob smacked because I put them on and the first colour option actually fitted my PumeC skin to a T!  That of course doesn’t mean you will be so lucky but there are 7 preset colours and this also comes with a “matcher” tatoo layer.

Walk towards the back of the shop and the Group Gift, free to join, is next to the Lucky Boards which change every minute and I won some lovely flat beach type sandals.  Haven’t had the opportunity to try them out yet but they too look as though they come with the feet.

Tableau Vivant


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