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Just a quickie.

As I was wading through my notes a surprise package came through from Luziefee and although I’ve just blogged about this shop and the new row of Lucky boards there I decided to unpack the goodies and found this.


Luzie Cheng has been so nice and to all her Subscribers, and I’m going to assume her Group Members, and she has boxed up all of last years Group Gifts and sent them out.  I rezzed a few which I’ve blogged previously but as soon as I rezzed this mesh skirt and system top I knew exactly the hair, hat, make up and although you can’t see them even the shoes which will make this whole look stunning.  The skirt and top are separates and I’m sure the top come with different styles but sorry I had to log out and I’ve forgotten.

So because this is a Freebie I have had fun with the windlight, COS I CAN, but even in my normal nams setting the skirt and top are made up of lovely burnt orange, earthy yellows and olive-green colours.

bliss hat

If you like the hat then it came from Bliss Couture.  OK will say that Bliss Couture has been holding a closing down sale for at least a year now LOL BUT that so works in our benefit because it means this and all of her other amazing hats are only 89Lds.  I don’t have many Bliss outfits as the style is non mesh and high fashioned which again for those of you who aren’t into mesh means it’s the perfect place to grab a ball gown or flouncy dress.  If like me you love your hats then you will love them here, I think I have just about all of them in my invent but sadly not all of the colours only my finances and conscience stops me buying the whole lot I love them so much.

PS when you go to Luziefee to slap the Sub board once you’ve done that click it again and chose History and then the number 1 to get the package sent to you.


Bliss Couture

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