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Going out with a Bang

Free vest & sweater combo - Free Boots - Le poppycock pose NEW! - Free hair !

I’ve been doing a little last-minute gift shopping in world today, and headed over to Gabriel for uhmm – well shhhhh – but something for Player. Anyywayyy I noticed a veritable haul of group gifts. Seriously heapssss! The group is free to join , and there is a board right at the entrance . I stuffed quite a few gifties into my bag, the vest & sweater combo above is divine no? Even comes with a pocket teddy with a Santa option aww! Honestly I’m not trolling Zan – It feels like I’m stalking her at the moment – I had this Dura gift hair and she pipped me to the post dammit *shakes fist* . Such a lovely style with a braid that goes over and flicky uppy fringe.

Free Boots

Another Gabriel gift is these boots, rather nice and come with a pair of heart splattered leggings (in mesh). Look carefully around the entrance – there are two areas full of gifts, from clothing, bags and jewellery – some for the guys too ! (I’ve been buying Player clothes from here for years – really really REALLY great gear)



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Poncho – love them !

ArisAris Icelandic poncho & skirt NEWWW!

I love a good poncho, easy to sling on over things and always look so adorable. ArisAris has just released this new outfit called “Icelandic”, it contains the knitted poncho which looks so woolie and nubbly and home made . Great fit on this btw. You also get a slightly flared knitted skirt to go with it.

ArisAris Icelandic poncho & skirt NEW!

One thing I always forget to mention, when you arrive at ArisAris there is a teleport board to use, once you arrive in the store you usually also get given a gift – mmhmm I think the last gift I was given by the auto greeter was a green dress, not sure if it changes but a really nice touch. Thanks Ariadna ❤ My hair is one of the new releases from Argrace this month called “Haku”, I adore this hair-do and have to remind myself  that I do in fact own several hundred other styles that I should wear now and then ! My trusty winter bike is by whatnext – three poses included. I didn’t realise it is  at a really low price of 50L on the market place currently – so grab yourself one ! (there is also a Christmas version for 50L too)




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Last minute PANIC!!!!

I just couldn’t help myself but grab these GG’s before they’re gone.  If you don’t even need any more Christmas items I’d still recommend you go grab these because I’ve still got some of last years Christmas Decor items set out because Follow Us quality stands the test of time.

follow us

A simple tray with mugs n cookies and that tree shaped tray is a lovely touch.  Only 5 prims as well and of course FREE but the Group isn’t free.  However the cost of joining the Follow Us group is only a token 40Lds which is nothing esp since Laurent not only puts out regular monthly group gifts but keep them all out for anyone no matter how late they join the group to grab.  The normal Group Gifts are in the main shop but the Christmas Gifties are in the Christmas house on your right when you TP in, look on the wall behind the staircase.

Something I also don’t point out often enough is when you’re a member you actually get a lot of monthly offers and discounts as well as the regular monthly gift so you can see why I say that the joining fee is just a mere token.  If you get tempted into buying any last-minute Deccies or gifts make sure to be wearing your Group Tag as you will get a 20% discount but only on the Christmas Decor items.


This tree is another of the Christmas GG’s. You get 2 and this is the larger version with a smaller one in the pack.  Not sure I’m going to keep it out mainly because I still have this beauty out.


Yup although it’s an old piccie that lovely subtly lit tree is in my home, it’s not free but zoom in on the lovely sledge with the pressies on top.  Yup another GG and only 4 prims for that one!

Now for the “PANIC” bit but you don’t really need to.  Unlike a lot of places esp on Laurents Marketplace the items are TRANS:-).  Obviously non copy but this way you can either buy in shop and send or simply send as a Gift through the Marketplace.  He has 35 items priced between 0-10Lds and 177 items priced between 11-100Lds and there are some amazing things for both sexes, from sewing machines to desks, coffee, fruit baskets, clothes stands, garden decor, fully laden tables, party items and on and on …..and something for everyone’s pocket.


Follow us

Follow Us Marketplace

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Am I the only person who can CUT themselves with tin foil?  I hope everyone’s prep for the big day is not only going well but people are enjoying it.  Sometimes even if you don’t have much cash to splash being able to put up the Christmas Deccies and buy a few foodie treats and hopefully share a few laughs is a 100% more precious that being able to give someone a new Ipad or a pile of pressies.

OK never mind that some quick freeness for you.


Dura has but a new Christmas GG out for us.  Free to join and you get the 4 basic colours, blonde, strawberry, brown and black.  There is another GG available but I should imaging everyone in SL has that by now.


I’ve still not managed to get back to those 2 Hunts I’ve been blabbing on about but this sweater is another of the gifties waiting to be found the Tshirt layer is mine so it’s just a lovely cropped jumper.

And that’s it, my finger has stopped bleeding, yes I really did cut myself on tin foil LOL and I’m logging off to make sugar cookies and chocolate fudge and you know if you were here I’d give you some 🙂


The Inspiration Hunt

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Seasons Greetings and all that jazz (freebies inc.)

Inspiration point hunt free gifts - liason garden items - iren skin

Zan was spot on when she reported about the hunt going on at Inspiration Point – what a doozy. I trudged over there and grabbed up a load of goodies for free. My cropped sweater is the gift from The Secret Store and the snood is a gift from Tee*fy, really look lovely together no? Wriggled into my coldLogic “knight” leggings, these really are handy girls – treat yourself to a quantum pack and you’ll never have to shop for leggings again – promise ! My adorable pose is by Le poppycock, they have a gacha machine dispensing various ones at this round of The Liason Collaborative, so sweet and so effective. I had a few goes – can’t stop once you start! The neato thing is, you not only get the animation for the pose, but also the prop (in this case the deer) and also a snow emitter.

Inspiration point hunt free gifts - liason garden items - iren skin_004

Once I was in full-on gacha mode I had a few pulls here and there, won this gorgeous chair by one of my new favourite designers {anc}, the sit animations in it are plentiful and sweet, low prim too. I also managed to win a rare little Christmas tree yay! This is by tarte and I seem to recall it was only 25L .

Inspiration point hunt free gifts - liason garden items - iren skin - Seasons greetings

One more pose I won from the Le poppycock machine and also just wanted to say I hope you and your families and friends have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year ! Thank you for reading the blog , we really appreciate it ❤

The Liason Collaborative

Inspiration Point Hunt

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

Hair by Magika “beans” – here

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Santa Baby – on the cheap !

ArisAris- complete outfit (comes with gloves also)

I found this darling little Christmas outfit in my inventory, its from ArisAris and the whole shebang is just 59L ! In the pack is the dress with corset back, the boots (not for slink feet btw) the antler head band that actually lights up awww ! Gloves and stripey socks too – but I couldn’t show those as they didn’t have appliers and I was wearing my slink gear sorry. 59L the lot – steal !

ArisAris - outfit 59L

Just a quick snap of the rear to show off the lovely lacing up the back of the dress, pretty huh? Perfect look for your Christmas events and also as good inexpensive way to try ArisAris is you haven’t before. Thanks Ariadna ❤


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Hunt time !

LUXE Paris Freebie mesh dress - Eclectica new!

Yes yes I’m back on a limited basis and just had to share a t’riffic hunt with you that’s going down at LUXE Paris. The teeny LBD above I found in the main store under the tree as a gift, its adorable and so twinkly ! Lovely design and a superb fit – go grab it , its ideal for partays.

LUXE Paris free gift pj's

There are gifts for guys too, but obviously I wasn’t looking for those, however I really would like Player to go over and hunt down the pj’s above – they are unisex and sooper snugglybuggly. Two versions are in the hunt, these plus some Santa patterned ones.

LUXE Paris Freebie - Hunt prize

I also found this skirt and blouse which I absolutely love. As they are separates you could mingle them in with other items you already own, tres chic! You’re looking for a wrapped parcel, the signs in the store show you. Teleport to the main store and there is a big old sign handing out landmarks to the hunt area. You have to search around the snowy scene to find them – good luck !

Eclectica NEW

Btw, I’ve missed SO much blogging whilst being trapped in bed – Eclectica sent me a couple of sets – and I think I’ve missed the events – but no fear Tiffy Vella usually has them out in her main store afterwards anyway. The set that really caught my eye is “maruska”, really funky design and so easy to wear. The metal and stones both have colour/texture change.  Thanks Tiffy ❤

Luxe Paris