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Get shocked!

So I managed to squeeze into SL for a little time and handed to me on a plate or rather posted in a group was the LM to a whole new set of Lucky Boards of old Group Gifts from Luzifee Designs.  You don’t have to be a Group member to be able to grab them so I won this simple knitted dress from a selection of clothes and shoes.  If the LM doesn’t take you to them they’re actually outside on the wall and I will say that in the little time I stood there going through my notes and notices the letters changed often and I also noticed how numbers came up pretty frequently so if you’re SL name starts with a number this is a row of Lucky Boards you might find extra lucky.

As I was grabbing the LM I wandered inside and grabbed the new Group Gift in the main store, a bright red coat/jacket with a thick knitted scarf.  Both are seperates and both look good together or as seperates so worth popping in for that and also the Group is free to join.


I as well as everyone else in a group got a notice about Novembers Gift from Curves and unlike everyone else who TPed straight over to the shop to grab it I logged into Curves Marketplace shop and not only grabbed it but you will see that there is a total of 26 bargain priced skins/shapes/applier packs for both men and women some even as low as 10Lds.

This skin and it looks like the others are the same are priced at a token 20Lds and for that you get a pretty generous package.  Skin/Shape/Appliers and the shock is I’m actually wearing the shape!!!  I’m nearly always glued into either my Anna’s shape or my mesh body so to see me in a shape from someone else is so unusual but I think it actually works!

PS there is also the Winter Fantasy Hunt going on and since that doesn’t end till the 15th plenty of time to grab some goodies.

Curves Marketplace


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