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Am I the only person who can CUT themselves with tin foil?  I hope everyone’s prep for the big day is not only going well but people are enjoying it.  Sometimes even if you don’t have much cash to splash being able to put up the Christmas Deccies and buy a few foodie treats and hopefully share a few laughs is a 100% more precious that being able to give someone a new Ipad or a pile of pressies.

OK never mind that some quick freeness for you.


Dura has but a new Christmas GG out for us.  Free to join and you get the 4 basic colours, blonde, strawberry, brown and black.  There is another GG available but I should imaging everyone in SL has that by now.


I’ve still not managed to get back to those 2 Hunts I’ve been blabbing on about but this sweater is another of the gifties waiting to be found the Tshirt layer is mine so it’s just a lovely cropped jumper.

And that’s it, my finger has stopped bleeding, yes I really did cut myself on tin foil LOL and I’m logging off to make sugar cookies and chocolate fudge and you know if you were here I’d give you some 🙂


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