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Last minute PANIC!!!!

I just couldn’t help myself but grab these GG’s before they’re gone.  If you don’t even need any more Christmas items I’d still recommend you go grab these because I’ve still got some of last years Christmas Decor items set out because Follow Us quality stands the test of time.

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A simple tray with mugs n cookies and that tree shaped tray is a lovely touch.  Only 5 prims as well and of course FREE but the Group isn’t free.  However the cost of joining the Follow Us group is only a token 40Lds which is nothing esp since Laurent not only puts out regular monthly group gifts but keep them all out for anyone no matter how late they join the group to grab.  The normal Group Gifts are in the main shop but the Christmas Gifties are in the Christmas house on your right when you TP in, look on the wall behind the staircase.

Something I also don’t point out often enough is when you’re a member you actually get a lot of monthly offers and discounts as well as the regular monthly gift so you can see why I say that the joining fee is just a mere token.  If you get tempted into buying any last-minute Deccies or gifts make sure to be wearing your Group Tag as you will get a 20% discount but only on the Christmas Decor items.


This tree is another of the Christmas GG’s. You get 2 and this is the larger version with a smaller one in the pack.  Not sure I’m going to keep it out mainly because I still have this beauty out.


Yup although it’s an old piccie that lovely subtly lit tree is in my home, it’s not free but zoom in on the lovely sledge with the pressies on top.  Yup another GG and only 4 prims for that one!

Now for the “PANIC” bit but you don’t really need to.  Unlike a lot of places esp on Laurents Marketplace the items are TRANS:-).  Obviously non copy but this way you can either buy in shop and send or simply send as a Gift through the Marketplace.  He has 35 items priced between 0-10Lds and 177 items priced between 11-100Lds and there are some amazing things for both sexes, from sewing machines to desks, coffee, fruit baskets, clothes stands, garden decor, fully laden tables, party items and on and on …..and something for everyone’s pocket.


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