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I got lucky, wink wink.

OH Lord there is so much going on and so little time to do it all..moan moan moan and then you come across an event where people have spent time and money creating a lovely shopping/mooching experience.


When you land you walk alone this high snow banked walkway and at the end you have a choice of travelling down on a Walnut shell water ride or a zip line.  I’d go for the zip line if I was you as I managed to crash my Walnut shell into a mesh mess.  A little bit further on and you come across lots of stalls with lots of goodies for sale.  RP(ish) in style but lots of everything for everyone but what makes this one stand out is that every Gacha here only costs 30Lds a pop and look what I won with just 2 tries.


The cape and dress are actually 2 wins from the LE Eira stall and they’re not even the rares!  I was doubly lucky in that I got the same cool green Topaz colour.  So this outfit only cost me 60Lds for the 2 tries but unfortunately they’re non trans! which isn’t supposed to happen with Gacha wins.

Only the Gacha items are 30Lds a go the items on the stalls are variously priced.

PS I have fiddled with the picture a little bit but the dress colour is pretty much unchanged.

PPS I completely forgot about the FREEBIES under the Christmas tree.  Haven’t unpacked any yet but fingers crossed for some more goodies.

30Ld Midwinter Fair

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