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Allow me.

Allow me to have fun with my pictures because not only are these amazing PumeC skins butthey’re also FREEEEEE! PumeC skins and although they don’t need to have any photoshopping to make them look good I like to have fun with my photos sometime.


Even if you’ve grabbed the PumeC freebies recently you won’t have “Anna” as she is a brand new Freebie from Sly Pumec’s shop PumeC.  TBH I wasn’t going to do this skin because I simply cannot do the darker, richer coloured skins justice and THEN I spotted this outrageous outfit from the latest round of Collab8 and then dug out a hair that I knew would look Brill and I LOVE this whole look and yes I’ve tucked it all into a folder on its own.


I would have sworn I’ve blogged this PumeC skin before but I mustn’t have because I would have remembered it not because of the dark almost black lipstick but if you look closely you can see she has a subtle scar which goes up over her eye and onto the brow.

PS for this skin the picture editing has made her much darker than she really is, she’s a nice creamy pale colour with the dramatic lips and light scar.

But with this last skin I’ve only used my Nams setting to keep it sweet and simple.

last skin

I’m so rushed for time in RL and SL that I can’t go into as much details about them but the last 2 skins only contain a single skin/brow option and Anna has all the brow options but what ALL of them have is the amazing FULLY PACKED Applier Hud with all of the most well known AV addons such as SLink hands, feet, body, Lola Tangoes, Baby bump and now eveand even more now that they are new AV addons.

Back to RL but I’ve been itching all day to get these posted because I just love them and I’m so glad to have some Free PumeC skins to show off.

PS although I noticed that they also come with a free shape I’m wearing my own so you won’t look like me.


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