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Tip no1309.

Have you ever put together a complete look and then sadly packed it away knowing it will be a while before you can spend the time to remember what went with what?  As I was grabbing the PumeC LM I couldn’t help but think how good this whole look is and I remembered an underused trick to keeping all your good “looks” in one folder and it’s pretty simple all you need to know is how to “cut and paste”.


Open 2 invent windows and in 1 create a new folder and rename it with a name that you will remember, this particular “look” I’ve popped into a folder named “Cold Logic purple”.  The click on the “worn items” tab in the other open invent window and you will see everything you’re wearing, from your appliers to your Lippy and you can choose as little or as much as you want to put in your newly named folder.  Just click copy on the item and then paste it into your new folder.  In this case  I’ve saved a copy of the hair, dress, shoes, SLink hands and feet but I didn’t save a copy of the skin to this folder as I’m always changing it in anycase.

Is that clear?  Honestly if you haven’t tried it open the 2 invent windows and just try is for a single item and once you’ve done that you will have an “ah ha” moment.



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