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I have to confess I popped over to Laurent83 Waco shop’s Follow Us and made a little list of what I wanted and sent him my Christmas wish list only to be sent a whole shed load of goodies in reply.  So much so I’ve not even started to unpack it all, actually although it looks like I’ve gone tree mad these are what the items are delivered in.  Faith and I are of an SL age to remember when your purchases were delivered in a plain cube prim but now you get them in such great packaging.


I will be unpacking them soon because I’m so ready for Christmas in SL and RL and it’s time to “deck the halls with boughs of Holly” or in reality oodles of tacky tinsel and plastic baubles.


But I wanted to show you this great Group Gift first.  You do of course have to pay now to join the group but 40Lds is a mere token because not do you only get this great Christmas decor item but there is a whole wall of old GG’s and all of them are shop quality.  As an extra Crimbo gift make sure to wear your tag and you get an instant 20% refund automatically sent back to you.  This pressie laden sleigh is only 4 prims! which means if your home is on the smaller size and you have a prim allowance to match then this is perfect for you.  Low in prims high in decor value and remember it and all the Group Gifts are yours for just 40Lds.


I’ve taken this picture in my sims setting and I think I should have waited till it was Christmas eve before I put him out in fact I might just pop him back into my invent and then bring him back out as a Christmas Eve tradition.  I adore this item and I’ve had him at least 1 year if not 2, sorry not to sure, and yes now there is a lot of similar models around but Santa, his slight and all those Reindeer and Hell no I can’t name them, all come to just 10Prims and I’ve not come across anything better for such low low prim usage.  Goes without saying that he would be just as good on a roof or even land LOL.

This year Laurent has kept with the traditional theme, old cottage table groaning with Christmas food, pine tree’s covered in tinsel and bauble’s fireplaces and socks etc and once I’ve done my unpacking I will show you but don’t wait for that just pop over and check them out in person to see how nice his stuff is.  The Christmas stuff is in the lovely house to your right when you land and if you want to grab the rest of the Group Gifts you will have to pop into the main shop for those.

I’ve put the link to his Marketplace shop and if you haven’t check out the Marketplace at all this is the time to do it.  A lot of the MP Shops allow you to send the item you’ve bought as a gift so if you want to send a pressie to someone it’s perfect and easy.  Follow Us does this and also I’m pretty sure the amount of 10Lds, 25Lds and 29Lds items have increased.  Christmas items, trays, food, Desks, chairs, decor items and on and on and again all can be sent as a gift and unless the person checks they don’t need to know that you’ve been careful with your budget LOL.

Follow Us has all of the Christmas items in the lovely house on your right when you land but the rest of the Group Gifts are inside the main shop.

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