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Aphrodite has it covered

Aphrodite Store - NEW range of Christmas Festive tables ! If you’re looking for some festive items for your home, Aphrodite has it well and truly covered. From dining to relaxing its all there ! I’ve picked out the Christmassy table to share with you and its a real beauty. It seats six but you can add and remove chairs obviously. There is a place mat that compliments this set, which rezzes allllll kinds of food and decor items. I especially like the design of the chairs, very regal and princessy. Aphrodite FREE gift and table detail Close up look at the fabrics used on the table as runners, which can be used or removed depending on your needs. The sweet tray with cups of cocoa are a free gift ! I really enjoyed the poses in the chairs, something for eating, drinking,chatting etc, and of course male & female animations. Check the market place link below for much better photos of all you can do with this set – thanks marina ❤ Kusshon free gift ! I also popped over to kusshon to collect a free gift, no – its not the fire, its the little bundle of logs at my feet ! So sweet and low prim, you hop on and there are animations for poking, warming etc. Handy little thing for around the home this time of year. kusshon has also opened its annual Christmas market in the centre of the store, it chock full of gorgeous festive treats to buy – take a look ! Aphrodite store Aphrodite market place kusshon

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