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Blueberry Hill.

Blueberry Hill sounds like  a song title.  Loads of shops and places are starting to set up their Advent Calendars and I have a list.  This ISN’T just for us bloggers but for everyone and if you would like a copy just drop me your name and I’ll send a copy to you.

Not even sure if this LK and Blueberry Hill one is on my list or I followed a link but it’s on “My” list now because how cute is this first gift.  A Crimbo mug with a little gingerbread house sitting on the side and at a single prim so low.


The note that came with the LM said that at 10am SL time each morning a new window will be opened so I’m not sure if after the first 24 hours this cuteness will be still available so hence the quickie post.

LK and Blueberry Hill Advent

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