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“All the Free/Cheap yo Body Can Handle”.

Faith and I get so many notes and notices from events and groups we have to spend our first half hour, at least, in SL just going through them all and admittedly a lot of stuff still slips by us but when a note comes through titled “All The Free/Cheap Yo Body Can Handle” then it’s going to grab your attention.

So basically it turns out a whole load of well know and lesser known names have stalls set up and the general theme is something silly or fun.  Lots of Freebies and cheapies and some a little bit more in price but plenty for those looking for either a bargain or just something plain old Daft.


So I went and grabbed myself a load of “daftness” some items were free some were cheap and some was too daft not to resist.  Worth a look around and I do remmeber the wellies are free and the 2 sets of Sheepies (the hat) were only 7Lds.  I do remember paying for the snow ball outfit but it will not have been expensive and the Brain friend and lunch box are freebies.

A big enough event for you to be able to walk around picking up some fun items but not so big you get overwhelmed.

Now for something definitely not silly.


A great freebie from Antielle.


I had to take a bottom shot just to show you that nothing has been spared on the detailing for this great GG.  Mesh and all the sizes.  You do have to join the group, free of course, and there is more than just this on offer, skins, SLink nails and 2 more outfits.  I’ve just spotted that the outfit I’m showing you is actually 250Lds full priced in the shop, these ones are the same designs but with more floral textures in the design.  Sexy and sweet at the same time.

The Silly Seven Celebration