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Hi Ya Dave.

This is going to be a slighty odd post because I simply cannot show you ALL of the goodies I got so I’m going to really suggest you follow the Link to Hello Daves Flickr and everything you see marked as a Group Gift seems to be in this pack.

Dave’s Flickr

I’m not even sure how I stumbled into this shop and I almost left as the walls and walls of SLink nails was making me drool,  I like many others have a budget to keep to even though everything seems to be well priced at 99Lds a pack. Then I spotted the Freebies that “Dave” has out for anyone to grab, Dave is actually Maia Gasparini LOL so he is a she.  This is what is written in the note that comes with this gift

“Click on any bottle of polish to apply that colour to both your Slink hands and feet, or click on the tub of nail polish remover to bring your nails back to a natural french manicured finish.”

OO that’s different it means you don’t have to go searching through your invent you can just rezz this decor item on your dresser and click away on you colour of choice or remove it.  Although I have to confess I’ve just not tried it yet.

Hello Dave

The reason I’ve not tried out this yet is because next to the board showing you this items is a VIP notice which says if you have missed old Group Gifts then join the VIP Group, which I’m pretty sure was only 75Lds, and you get all of the old Group Gifts sent to you so I did and watched as my invent went CRAZY as oodles and oodles of Group Gifts loaded into it.  I’ve counted a total of 92 (give and take a few) nail and toe packs and in each pack is a choice of colour so you have so much choice which is why I really suggest you check out “Dave’s” Flickr and everything marked as Group Gifts is what you get.

I finally caved in and attempted to get the best shot of a pair of nails taken inworld.


I normally don’t do nails because I find it a pain in the rear end trying to get a decent picture but the quality of these nails is excellent.  I think this is one of the shades from an Autumn pack and there was a blue, pumpkin and other colours AND as I was stood there pulling poses a New Group Gift came through. Yes that is my skeleton in the background it’s what happens to people who annoy me (but I rarely get annoyed so everyone is pretty safe).

Make sure to  check out the Marketplace as there not only the Free gift shown but 2 others.

PS, it goes without saying no SLink hands no SLink nails.

Hello Dave (inworld)

Hello Dave Marketplace

Hello Dave Flickr