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Bubblez kate sweater,scarf,shorts & boots plus specs - coldLogic Jessop leggings in taupe

I was bowled over with this new release from Bubblez. I hadn’t really thought about wearing shorts for a winter outfit but I have to say – it kinda natty ! This is “kate” and is a new release , in the box you get the sweater which is a fantastic nubbly type of knit with a contrasting hem and cuffs. There is also a scarf in two colour options and different sizes. The shorts are camo pattern and look to be made of a thick denim type fabric. The boots are in the box too ! Cute knitted ones that fitted perfectly, there’s also  pair of geeky specs to complete the look. I added a pair of coldLogic Jessop leggings, they were a perfect match in taupe. I must say I tend to use my coldLogic leggings as thick woolly tights this time of year – gotta layer up!


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