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Time to pack up the amazing glowing Pumpkin heads from DDD but it’s time for a fresh new Season.  Faith has already laid a blanket of snow down and sent back numerous of my Summer fun items which we will be replacing with ice rink and frosty decor items.


Confession time, I wasn’t going to blog this Free outfit from Luziefee because I just had so much do to and so little time but then I got curious and yet again I’m glad I did.  Light coloured jeans, pretty standard and with all the sizes but it’s the nice touches to the jumper that make it so worth grabbing.  If you look closely you can see that it’s got an opened wide collar and although they’re a bit hidden in the patch work texturing you can that there are 2 little pockets.  Nice touches and of course FREE, you do have to join the group of course.

Must mention that in my last load of posts I am wearing Mina Hairs and of course  a PumeC skin just in case you were wondering.


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