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Spank me (naughty).


I snuck up on Faith as she was taking a picture and I took one of my own.  She will definitely spank me when she sees my next post but I was so impressed not only with the club but also the woman who owns/runs and indulges in it, Ally Southpaw.  She is a long time SLer but this is her first club and I for one says she’s off to a roaring start.


Now normally because I’m such a Vanilla Girl you couldn’t drag me to a club but since I am also a very nosy blogger I decided to TP over and check it out and what CLASS!  In all of my pictures I’ve just used the sims windlight setting and I’ve not touched up the pictures in any shape or form so you can see the muted soft colours of chocolate, coffee and cream.


The whole club is based in a single large skyroom. Although there are plenty of the more adult fun decor items set out for the members to use there is also socialising areas so people can just chat and maybe enjoy the view.


Because everything is out and open to view means it that if you want privacy then why are you here?  This is a place to show off your loves.


Last piccie and I’ve still not shown all that is here such as the businessman’s desk and the piano which you can sit and play or “sit on” and play!


I’ve even delayed posting about my new PumeC skin for this which just shows you how impressed I was.

I did hop on a few menu driven items and yup the kink is definitely there but thats not just what this club is about.  It’s a meeting place for the like-minded, those who just want to socialise with others who understand what rocks their world with others who do not judge.  Maybe have a hook up or two or just enjoy the performance of others.  Sadly SL which is supposed to allow people the freedom of their fantasy seems to have become prudish.  I remember a time when a Master/Mistress could walk their pet without bother but now sadly there is always someone who objects but that won’t happen in this place.

This is what Ally says about her club in her profile “I have recently opened an invite-only Clubhouse for the LGBT and BDSM communities. Mostly for shemles, femboys and futanaris, but all are welcome to apply for membership” and I for one will be applying.  I have nooo kinks but I might just use this club if Ally doesn’t mind, as a backdrop.

OMGoodness Ally Southpaw is a woman after my heart. She too has come to understand that the greatest of skins can look naff (slang for not nice) in some Windlight settings and so in her Profile she actually inc the settings you should use to allow her to glow.  I’m going to put something in my picks about skin and windlight.  You can TP in for a looksee but if you want to stay and play then drop Ally Southpaw a note and she will be happy to reply.

Ally’s Clubhouse

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