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I must confess! (Freebies).

I must confess that both Faith and I have an amazing amount of items we gather in our SL journey but a lot of it never gets posted because simple we come across something which we must do straight away and stuff gets pushed to one side and then gradually ends up being deleted and this is what happen when I TPed over to Yukineko Jewell’s shop La Petite Fleur.  dress1First Freebie  or that should be Freebies because there is more than this “irregular dress” on offer and you don’t even have to join the La Petite Fleur Group to grab them.  In this pack you get a total of 4 colours but what surprised me was that you only get the 1 size.  Now my AV is a small one NOT petitie but definitely on the Kyle Minogue size LOL and I think it looks brilliant and I think if it looks good on my size it will fit others just as well.  It goes from narrow at the top and exaggerated at the uneven ends and I don’t think it drowns me I actually think it looks unique and stylish.


This is the “cheapo” because at 30Lds for a skirt/jumper combo which can be worn together or as separates a bargain!  You only get the 1 colour pack but the different sizes and a demo is available.  There are racks of 30Lds jumpers, skirts, tops etc and I still have some of them in my invent.  There is some priced more but such a variety and even the 30Lds come with demos.

So Freebie’s, Gacha’s Gifts, Lucky Board and even a small Yardsale means there is something for everyone.

La Petite Fleur