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coldLogic coat NEW - Argrace beret hair

I’m still rummaging through the latest releases from coldLogic and I found this, its such a scene stealer and so feminine. Do I detect the light touch of Janie Marlowes hand in its design – I reckon so ! Its elegant but adorable at the same time. Classic cut, it wont ever go out of fashion. This is a timeless piece, if it were a real life buy, it would be an investment garment. Id SO buy it ! Its called Koby and comes in some sugary pale colour tones. This is the blue, so you can see its the merest wash of colour. (Do you have any idea how much its killing me not to show the PINK one!)  A little nod to the military styles that was so prevalent last season with its rows of buttons down the front. You get a lot of options with this, a shirt and skirt insert to wear with it if you wish, or just the coat on its own. I’m wearing both inserts so it’s a complete look without worrying what to wear underneath – yes, I’m lazy.

coldLogic cot NEW! Agrace hair & hat

Look at the rear, the detailing is carried round with two straps to pull it a little tighter, but not overly – this coat isn’t about a cinched waist. Finished off with perfect fitting arms and epaulettes, and a sweet pleated vent . Something about it reminds me of my childhood, you know – that “coat for best” that your mother bought you? You can buy these in single colours or a fantastical quantum pack of all four tones. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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Hat by Argrace