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Sugar Buttons(Freebies).

It’s FRIDAY and that means FLF (fifty linden friday).  I’ll pop the link to the group joiner at the bottom and you can check out the list of goodies from clothes to decor items and all priced at a cheapo 50Lds but TOP QUALITY items.

MEH Link to the FLF group joiner doesn’t work but if you haven’t got a list then simply search Groups and FLF is one of the biggest ones or if you see the FLF group joining board just give it a slap.

cross button

Sigh of relief for you lot is that this is going to be such a QUICK post so you don’t have to read my ramblings on.

Popped into Sugar Buttons Boutique for something, Lucky Chairs I think, but found a whole lot better stuff on the Group Gift wall.  I only picked the jeans and shoes for ease but there is a lot more than just these inc tights, dresses and a jumper (the jumper doesn’t match the trousers which is why I’m using my Shi Hoodie and sadly that’s not a freebie).  There is also a boob flashing tango top and emmm then I logged out.  So basically Lucky chairs & free stuff.  Although yesterday when I grabbed these goodies I did have a gander around.  This is a Kawaii shop not a Super Kawaii Shop which to me means it has sweet, cute and lovely outfits but not so sweet and cute that a lot of people wouldn’t like what they see.  I also spotted some new designs which I will pop back to check again but RL time is such a harsh mistress and I have to goooo so  byeeeee for now.

Sugar Button Boutique